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I have a ton of these dvds so I decided to start a page that lists how many calories I’ve burned during each one. Keep in mind that I’m a 5’5″, 135 pound female so it will be different for each person, but this will give you a good estimate.

Also, I really suggest getting a heart rate monitor so you know exactly what you’re burning during each workout session. I have the Polar FT7 and it’s easy to set-up, comfortable and a really great monitor. I love the fact that it stores 99 workouts and gives you a total weekly calorie burn. UPDATE: I switched to the Charge HR FitBit and have been loving it. The app is really nice and it tracks and stores everything - workouts, sleep, heart rate, and you can connect it to My Fitness Pal. They have an updated version of the Charge HR out now and I'm sure it's even better.

Ripped In 30
Week One (5lb weights): 275 calories
Week Two (5lb weights): 300 calories
Week Three (3lb weights): 250 calories
Week Four (3lb weights): 235 calories

Shred-It with Weights
Level One (10lb kettlebell): 275 calories

Yoga Meltdown
Level One: 175 calories

6 Week Six Pack
Level One (5lb weight): 281 calories

No More Trouble Zones
(Mix of 3 & 5lb weights) 375 calories

Killer Buns & Thighs
Level One (3lb. weight used whenever Natalie used one): 279 calories

Extreme Shed & Shred
Level One (5lb. weight): 308 calories

Killer Abs
Level One (5lb weight when Natalie used one): 219 calories

Xtreme Timesaver Training
(Mix of 3lb & 5lb weights) 295 calories

One-On-One Training
Upper Body (5lb weights): 107 calories

Cardio Rev
(5lb weights) 536 calories

Yoga for the Warrior
251 calories

AM Yoga
75 calories

Ultimate Fat Burn Workout
194 calories

POP Cardio: Summer Sweatfest: 116 calories

Hip-Hop Cardio Kickboxing: 172 calories
Kickboxing (Rack City): 108 calories

Cardio Power & Resistance (Month 1): 362
Plyometric Cardio (Month 1): 384

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