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I have moved my planner pages and stickers over to Ko-fi! 
I have been creating digital planning items and selling them in my etsy shop for a few years now. I wanted to shift my focus in the upcoming year to a donation based, pay what you can setup as digital planners, stickers, and printables can add up to be suuuper expensive and I believe everyone should be able to use them without having to spend a ton of money. 

Donations are not required to download anything! If you aren't able to donate, no worries at all! Just knowing that you are enjoying my planning items makes my day :) You can also share the link to my page which is super helpful!

thank you so much for your support! ♡

>> find all my planner files here on my ko-fi page! <<

When you go to my page, you'll find the shop in the lower left corner  if you're on a laptop and undermy profile photo if you're on mobile. You can name your price for each item - even $0 - and then checkout using Paypal or a card. You don't have to make an account and can checkout as a guest!

I will also be writing blog posts there where I share planner tips, videos I'm enjoying, planning tutorials, and whatever else I think you all might enjoy!

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