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Fruit veggie meal prep

I have been so busy with homeschooling or doing planning for homeschooling, that my lunch for a good week or so was half a bag of potato chips each day 😬 when I was creating my latest grocery order, I made sure to stock up on a bunch of fruits and veggies to start adding back into my diet. 

Yesterday morning, I woke up a good two hours before anyone. It was so quiet and nice! I lit my pumpkin waffles candle, made coffee, and decided to clean out the fridge and prep all the fruits and veggies to help me get back on track. It was such a relaxing morning and it has been great having everything prepped. I can make salads for everyone super quickly and we are all snacking healthy now.

I was craving croutons on a salad yesterday but didn't have any gluten free bread to make some so I fried up chickpeas in avocado oil with garlic + onion powder and smoked salt until crispy. Not as good as croutons for sure haha but super good and crispy! I've been so into the Follow Your Heart thousand island dressing. It's vegan and dairy + gluten free. I've probably bought over 10 bottles since I found out about it. It's always sold out so I will stock up whenever I go to Whole Foods (only place that sells it here). 

vegan tortilla soup

I went way back and opened up the first vegan cookbook I ever bought: How It All Vegan! (affiliate link) When I bought this book, the only place to get tofu (and only the shelf stable kind was available) in my area was a small, incredible food co-op. The grocery stores didn't have natural food sections. It's wild to think about how many awesome food options we have now! I hadn't opened up this cookbook in forever. I realized how simple and unfussy the recipes are. I made this tortilla soup and it was really great!

I made this pasta recipe from Tabitha Brown and it was such a comforting, easy meal! You have got to get some of the garlic and herb Mrs. Dash seasoning she uses. I bought some and have been using it on everything. It’s especially good on roasted broccoli.

These frozen black bean burgers are good! They are gluten and dairy free and have a lot of flavor. I make mine with lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, and Stubb’s bbq sauce 😋

Oatmeal with bananas, agave, cinnamon, walnuts, and frozen blueberries has been my go-to breakfast for awhile.

But these Whole Food 365 brand gf bagels with avocado, tomato, and black pepper have been taking over as my favorite breakfast lately. These bagels taste very similar to the Trader Joe’s brand which I love too. 

That’s all the photos I have of recent meals. I’m about to go outside and play badminton. We have been playing every day and it is so much fun! We got a cheap set for $15 and it was the best thing we have bought in a long time :)

Take care ♡

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