Things I Want to Be Better At


things i want to be better at

1 // mailing letters

I've been pretty good about sending little letters or cards to people whenever I'm thinking about them. But I want to be even better about it! There's nothing like getting real, handwritten letters in the mail. It doesn't take much to make someone's day. When my grandmother passed away, my mom found a container full of cards and letters I'd sent her. I wished I would have sent even more because I now know just how much she enjoyed them. I'm going to send letters this weekend to a couple of people that have been on my mind lately.

2 // being patient

Lately, I have been feeling like I'm being pulled in a lot of directions which makes me overwhelmed and, as much as I hate to admit it, snippy with my family. Super not cool. I've been putting a lot of work into design and my planner shop the past couple of months. When I am super focused on a project I feel that I'm not able to do anything else until I finish it. Like I must have a marathon session and if I get interrupted I end up losing my patience.

I don't want to be that way. I believe that it stems from feeling like if I stop, I will lose my creative streak that's happening in that moment. This is my #1 must work on because it's ridiculous to act out in that way. Growing up, I always hated how my family talked to each other just because they knew you'd accept it and come back around "because you're family". Yeah, no. It's gross. You don't get to talk to others that way just because you're family and I'm putting in the work to break that attitude.

3 // if we need something, try to buy it used first

I'm so bad about immediately going online to buy new when we need things. We sold a lot of things on Facebook marketplace over the summer and overall (looking at that one person who didn't understand the concept of personal space 😖), it was a pretty good experience. So I'm going to try to go there first whenever we need something. 

4 // sticking to a schedule

I bounce around from this to that without actually completing an entire project it seems. I get distracted so easily. I'll be working on something, then something else I need to do will pop into my mind and I'll run off to go do that. I'll be exhausted at the end of the day without accomplishing anything! That's why I'm bringing back the pomodoro technique. It's the only thing that has worked for me and I honestly don't know why I ever stop. I guess I think that after awhile of using the timer I will be able to focus on my own, but nah. Not happening. I'm pretty sure I'll have to use the timer for the rest of my life 😅

5 // creating a healthy routine

I was doing so well with walking every single day and then I stopped - I don't even remember why. I want to get back into that routine because when I workout, I naturally want to eat better, drink more water, etc. It really improves my mood too. I've also noticed back pain lately and I really need to get ahead of that and get moving more again! 

So that's what I want to get better at right now. This list will shift and change as I keep working at all this. Really, just getting back into using the pomodoro timer (I use this one a lot and it also explains the technique) will help so, so much! I'm looking forward to making these changes.

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