Five on a Friday

I have been drinking way too much coffee this week. Staying up too late and waking up early isn't working out very well for me. I usually stay up late so that I can get a couple hours of alone time, but I'm not so sure it's worth how I feel the next day.

Last night I actually went to sleep at 9:30 and woke up before my alarm actually feeling well rested. I was like.. okay, I could get used to this! Let's see if I can keep that up through the weekend because it was great.

So, I've been seeing these "Five on a Friday" posts on other blogs and since I'm a sucker for themed posts, I decided to join in. 

kim andrews - exploring nature activity book for kids

1 // I bought this nature activity book for us to use with homeschooling, but after flipping through it, my daughter wanted to do a couple of activities already. This week we watched a Mystery Doug video about how to tell if mushrooms are poisonous (spoiler alert: it's kinda tough to do) and then we headed out on a mushroom scavenger hunt. There were so many different mushrooms in our yard that I would have never noticed before! It was really fun :)

This book is just so thoughtful, beautifully illustrated and the activities are new to us - not the same old things you see all over the internet. The book is only $6 right now (affiliate link) and I highly recommend it.

2 // I can't stop thinking about this jacket 😂 It's the most amazing piece of clothing I've ever seen and I would buy it in a heartbeat haha. In other Harry Potter news, they have the illustrated books on Kindle and all the illustrations move! I watched a video about it and it looked really neat!

eureka art studio

3 // I can't get over how beautiful the artwork from Eureka Art Studio is! The colors and texture are just incredible. Follow on Instagram to see all her beautiful illustrations.

daily digital planner

4 // I've been using a daily hourly planner and it has helped so much! I use this along with the pomodoro timer and I have been on task all week. It feels so good to actually accomplish and complete projects rather than doing a little bit of a bunch of random tasks.

lydia jean art -

5 // Look how cute these stickers are!! I ordered them from Lydia Jean Art on Etsy and they are even better in person! I originally found her shop because my daughter is obsessed with Zelda, so I was looking for stickers to put inside her birthday card as a little surprise. I found this super cute Zelda sticker and then I was like, "ooh! Beetlejuice! omg, Halloween! The pengiun from Batman, what?!?!" 😂 I'll be ordering more for sure! 

take care and have a great weekend ♡

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