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listening to | I was working on a logo design last month and the client asked if I wanted him to share a playlist that meshes with the aesthetic he was going for. I was thrilled because I find that sort of thing super helpful! It was extremely helpful but I kept catching myself thinking, "this is what kids are listening to these days?!"in a very.. feeling super out the loop kind of way 😂 I found a few new songs I really loved which is always great!

Here's what I've had on repeat lately: Nascar Aloe - American Wasteland /// Khruangbin and Leon Bridges - Texas Sun /// Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks - Little Fang /// Omni - Wire /// Solid Gold - Who You Gonna Run To? /// The Vacant Lots - Fracture /// Deep Cuts - Chemicals /// Brandy - Baby /// Willie Colon y Ruben Blades - Plastico

wishing | That coronavirus was gone and we could see family again, for sure. If I had to choose something that doesn't relate to that in any way.. I'd wish for us to deep into homeschooling right now and it be going really well. I'm so worried about it!

eating | Steamed rice with sesame oil, sriracha, and gf soy sauce. It's so good! I also made this noodle dish a couple of times and really enjoyed it.

thinking about | How I need to be better with managing my time! I'm trying out the pomdoro technique again which I've always been successful with in the past. I just have to push through once the novelty wears off. I can do it!

crushing on | I'll just share some of my favorite IG accounts right now:

 - glutenfreeveggiehead - all sorts of great food ideas for vegans with Hashimoto's!

- solacilike - I love her art! It's bright and beautiful.

- apple.cheeks - super cute illustrations!

- candycoloredhome - colorful and fun home inspiration.

watching | I've been watching a lot of day in the life videos on YouTube. Right now it's usually The Seoul Search. I'd love any recommendations if you all have any for similar channels! 

Today I am rearranging some furniture and things to create a homeschool space for us. I also dusted off our shredder and am getting rid of some of that paper clutter that it starting to takeover. I hope you all are having a nice weekend and take care ♡

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