2020, wtf dude?

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What a year. I really thought that we were going to be able to make it through the other side in one piece, but then May hit us with the death of my MIL and job loss. We are doing okay and I know that we will be able to work through it, but wow.. it has been a lot all at once.

Dealing with the very valid and very big feelings my almost eight year old is having has been tough too. We have been very strict about staying at home. She hasn't left the house since the end of March, unless it has been for a drive around the city or to walk around empty public spaces. It's been tough on her. 

I decided to pull her from school since I didn't feel comfortable sending her back in person. That brought a lot of feelings out as well. She has gone to a different school every year and this was going to be her second year at her current school. I feel awful about it (and about how she has gone to a different school each year) but it's just too risky as cases are really starting to rise here.

My planner shop has been doing pretty well so I have really been focusing on that. I have also picked up a few freelance design jobs so I am very thankful for those. Work is really difficult when I'm trying to do a project and also be present as a mother. I never feel like I can do both well and work has to take priority for a bit with the money stress going on. 

I'd been thinking lately that I miss how blogs used to be. People shared everything and you really got to know the person behind them. I can't stand these post now (and I'm totally guilty of them too) where it's all sponsored, vague, and/or a list of random tips or link roundups just for the sake of a blog post and not really anything useful.

I sound so crabby but dang! I miss reading about people's thoughts, seeing their days, and real recommendations. I 100% understand - and support - if you're sharing something you found truly useful and use an affiliate or referral link. But just this linking any and everything that you don't actually use? I'm over it.

Anyway 😅 I sat down the other day and wrote out what hobbies I'd really love to focus on and work at. They were rollerskating, blogging, and making planners and printables. I miss blogging and want this space to be like the old time blogs. Just sharing my days, random photos, and not all positivity because that's just not working for me this year haha

Some things that have been going on and will steer the direction of my posts: my Hashimoto's diagnosis in April. I went off gluten and dairy and when I tried to reintroduce gluten in June I got so sick. I felt hungover almost and couldn't keep my eyes open from this insane exhaustion.. I was in bed for an entire day! I didn't even try to reintroduce dairy after that.

So, I'll be posting a bunch about gluten and dairy free cooking. I was a vegetarian for 20 years, but started eating tuna again. Like, a serving a month. But that and honey are the only animal products I eat now.

I am also starting homeschooling on August 17th. Diving straight into it. Luckily, I have a friend that has been homeschooling her son forever now so she gave me some great advice and pointed me in the right direction. I'll be posting and sharing a lot about that because it will be a huge part of our lives. So, I'm sorry (and understand) if that's of no interest. I wanted to make sure and give a warning though 😂

So yeah. Just sharing a lot about our days which aren't very eventful since we don't leave, but I'm happy about it! I kept leaving blogging because I felt I had to make those posts to get traffic and I would get so disinterested because I felt that I had to put on that positive all the time front but now I just.. don't care about that. Everyone is hurting and has real problems going on. I understand that those types of blogs are a good distraction from everything, but I'm not good at creating those types of posts and it's just not real life over here.

Okay, goodness.. that was all over the place. I just wanted to share what I envisioned for this space and what was going on over here. Thank you to those who are still reading and I hope that you all are making out okay during this time. I can't do much, but I am a great listener if anyone needs to vent.

I started a new Instagram that ties in with this blog if you all prefer to follow along or get in touch that way. Take care ♡


  1. I hear you about blogs and how they have changed. Many of my older blogger friends I have been following for years have retired their blogs due to anonymous commenters that are downright mean. There are a group of commenters that seem to troll blogs.

    I'm a new follower and found you on Bloglovin.

    I support homeschooling and hope that if anything, after all of this lockdown that there will be a good percentage of parents who will see that homeschooling could be a viable option for their children.

    1. That's awful about the anonymous commenters! Maybe they could password protect their blogs? I don't understand why people comment stuff like that.

      Thank you so much for the follow! You're so right about how a lot of parents will see that it is totally doable.


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