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frothy almond milk + coffee

Here is a day of food from earlier this week. I'm currently gluten and dairy free because I was diagnosed with Hashimotos (my immune system is attacking my thyroid) awhile back. I was also vegetarian for twenty years, but have added tuna to my diet recently to see if it helps with my symptoms any. It's the only animal product I can eat without feeling sick. I tried smoked salmon the other day and the texture made me gag. There's no way I can go back to beef, chicken, etc. I'm looking for ways to up my protein and see if this is doable. It has been really tough! 

I started my morning with coffee and almond milk foam. I got this milk heater / frother (affiliate link) and it is amazing! It works really well with almond milk, so the foam would be even better with regular milk or half and half.

I had my first meal at noon so I guess this is considered lunch. I've been waking up at 8:30am, taking my thyroid meds, and then have to wait an hour to eat or drink anything but water. I usually workout while my daughter does her morning school meeting. Then I have coffee - finally - around 10am and get so wrapped up with homeschool that I haven't been eating until 11/12.

On this day I had roasted sweet potatoes (trader joe's chili spice mix + cumin), beans, avocado, and hot sauce. I had this for dinner the night before and woke up wanting to make it again. It was really good!

Another cup of coffee. My daughter had a lot of school work to do which meant I needed coffee to help with second grade math 😜 I learned how to this a lot differently than she is being taught, so I'm having to catch up on some new ways to do things.

I made us some of these cookies for an afternoon break. They are small, but very good! I also had a banana.

I've been having an apple with almond butter everyday. That almond butter is the best!

We went outside to play and ended up out there for three hours riding bikes, playing, walking the dogs, picking flowers, etc. I had to include this photo. We were playing badminton and Ginger grabbed the birdie and took off with it. It was hilarious watching her run around the yard like this 😂 She was zooming all over the place trying to get away from us so we wouldn't take it away from her.

For dinner, I made red curry noodle soup based off this Instagram video recipe. It was okay. The first bowl was really good, but the second was super salty. I guess from the rice noodles soaking up all the broth? I don't know.. it was weird!

I got around ~45 grams of protein on this day. I'm trying to do better so I'm going to track food again for awhile. I've been using the Fooducate app to track for a couple of days which I really like because they layout is by time rather than breakfast / lunch / dinner / snacks.

Here is my day so far today - it also keeps me on track with water! I thought I was drinking way more than recommended buuuut.. not the case 😅 Since I'm rarely eating meat and have now quit dairy, I went to my absolute favorite vegan nutrition source, Bonzai Aphrodite, and read up on supplements.

She's not blogging anymore, but her posts are still all there and they are such a great source for information. Very thoughtful, well researched posts that explain things in an easy to understand way. So with what I researched, I'm now taking Vitamin D, B-12, and the DHA/EPA Omega 3 drops she recommends in her post. I also take a multivitamin here and there along with an iron supplement occasionally.

Hopefully I'm on the right track to getting rid of these symptoms - brain fog and fatigue are the big ones for me - and starting to feel better again!

take care everyone 

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