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hey hand lettering on procreate
my new hobby is drawing on procreate.
I used to decorate my planner, but since there's nothing to plan at the moment, I do this :)

Re: puppy issues // I had a couple of people message me and say that they had been in the same place when their dogs were puppies. But that they start to grow out of it around a year old or so and to hang in there because it does get much better. That made me feel a lot more hopeful!

I also asked that the puppy duties split more evenly, which has been a tremendous help. It made me feel like I could enjoy her more because I wasn't doing all the heavy lifting. I'm just being a grump about all the added responsibility and constant hovering that means I can't distract myself in the ways I want/need to. Everything has me so anxious lately! I also totally realize and acknowledge that I was acting like a turd person earlier about the pup 👎


Onto this week's meal plan. I went out on Friday to a nearby Wal-Mart market and it was completely different than last time I'd went. There was a one way traffic flow created using a maze of carts which sent my anxiety through the roof! Someone a couple of places in front of me sneezed, but there was nowhere to go in the narrow path that had been made with the carts. They aren't lining people up 6ft apart outside any of the stores I've been to here and there's no limit to how many people are in the store at once. 

Once inside, no one was following the 6ft rule and it was pretty busy. I was so frazzled that I ended up supermarket sweeping it and grabbing a ton of random food in record time. Everything was well stocked except for toilet paper, disinfectant cleaners, bread, and frozen pizza.

I've been grocery shopping every two weeks, but I think next time I am going to shop to last an entire month if I can. Here's my plan with what we have on hand:

Monday » crunchy tacos // everyone can make their own and add whatever toppings they like. I'll set out pico, salsa, cheese, tomatoes, and hot sauce. My daughter will probably eat a plain taco shell and then a bowl of cereal 😆

Tuesday » nachos // I'll set out all the toppings and everyone can add whatever they want. I add the siete cashew queso, beyond beef crumbles, rice, and then hot sauce on mine. Comfort food.

Wednesday » frozen pizza

Thursday » vegan red lentil stew

Friday » chickpea salad sandwiches for me and spaghetti for everyone else

Saturday » beans and rice

Sunday » make your own burritos with the leftover beans and rice

My grocery trip set up goes like this: before I leave, I put one of those big storage totes on the porch and set a container of disinfectant wipes in it. When I get home, I grab the tub and bring it over to the car. I disinfect each item the best I can and place it into the bin once it's good to go. Then I carry the bin into the house and put things away. It takes time, but I try not to rush it and realize that this is just how things are right now.

I just reread that and realized I called that thing a tote, tub, and bin all in the same paragraph 😂 I have no idea what their official name is.

Here are some recent meals I've made:


Nachos featuring string cheese 😂 I have a couple of blocks of cheese in the fridge, but didn't feel like shredding it at that moment.

aloo matar from vegan richa

I made this aloo matar from Vegan Richa and it was really good. I also made the keema madras with red lentils and it was incredible! It took a long time to come together, but I'll definitely make it again.

vegan caesar salad with roasted chickpea croutons from mama eats plants

I have made this before and was craving it earlier today so I made it for lunch. It's the vegan caesar salad with roasted chickpea croutons from Mama Eats Plants. Super good! My daughter did not like it but tried it at least 👍


Something quick I wanted to share » I've been adding a lot of stuff to my free digital planning files folder, but I also have some printables in there if paper planning is more your thing. Just wanted to share if anyone is interested :]

I hope you all are doing okay ♡ 

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