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I reached a point where I told myself that I have to start moving again. There were a few things that got me in gear:

  1. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos at the beginning of March. I've felt bad for a long time and finally having a diagnosis was a relief because that meant I could make a plan and work towards feeling better. I'm going to write more about this soon. The biggest changes I've made have been completely cutting out gluten and dairy. I've been 100% without both for a week now. 
  2. Visiting a relative in a nursing home earlier this year and seeing how important keeping up strength and staying in motion is. 
  3. Just a general feeling of unhappiness and anxiety and knowing that exercise always helps put me in a better mood. I think the blah feeling is related to Hashimotos a bit as well - definitely the low energy I've had. But a lot those feelings were from not moving much during the day and scrolling through my phone way too much. That's hard to admit. But I'd check one app, go to the next, then go back to the first since it constantly updates and I wanted to see what was new, then obsessively searching for coronavirus news, and repeat. It was too much! 

I told myself that I was going to ease into it with walking. I decided that I'd do a Leslie Sansone video in the garage while my daughter had her morning school meeting on Zoom in the kitchen. It was kind of hard to get myself going, but I did it. And then again the next day, and the next. I built my endurance back up and have felt so much better! I feel myself getting stronger and my mood improving which is such a nice change.

Here's what my recent workouts have looked like:

4/10 Friday | Burn Body Fat 2 Mile Walk // This is my favorite walking workout! I just find it to be the perfect amount of time and I like all the moves - it just flows well. I use 5lb dumbbells for the first half of the video then no weights for the last half.

4/11 Saturday | rest day

4/12 Sunday | 3 Mile Walk // I didn't enjoy this workout as much as the others. I like Leslie best when she's on her own in videos for some reason.

4/13 Monday | Burn Body Fat 3 Mile Walk // Love this one! I felt really great this day and wanted something longer and a little more challenging. I used 5lb dumbbells for the first half and then nothing for the last.

4/14 Tuesday | rest day

4/15 Wednesday | Walk Fast 20 Minute Workout // I felt blah this day and wasn't feeling a workout, so I searched for a 20 minute one. I promised myself to do it for five minutes and if I still wasn't feeling it, I would turn it off. I finished the entire thing and was happy I did it. This was a good video to do when you're not in the mood to workout, but just need to move for a little bit!

I'm wanting to add more strength training in soon, but I'm really happy with walking for now! It may seem like it wouldn't be challenging yet it really is. I definitely recommend these workouts if you're looking for a something to do indoors!

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