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mute0n / jw butts
@mute0n // When I first moved to Chattanooga, I would walk around downtown a lot and kept seeing all this awesome street art everywhere! I eventually found out who created it and instantly loved all everything I saw, especially this series he did on found photos and paintings. I was able to get a print of his and it's one of my favorite pieces of art in my house :] He sells a lot of originals through his Instagram so check those out if you're looking for some fantastic art for your home.


@mwanhala // I love her work so much! The colors and line work are just incredible. It's so different than anything I've seen before. She occasionally sells originals for an amazing price so keep an eye out if you enjoy her work too!


@eradura // Look at this gorgeous hand embroidery! I really love the desert color palette and imagery she uses.

memorial stitches

@memorialstitches // Look at the detail in this hand embroidery! Seriously.. just beautiful! I love everything she makes, but especially the ones with women/hair. And her bats are wonderful too :]


@artbyangie.jpg // I just love her work because it feels so dang cozy! I've always been a fan of miniatures and dollhouses, so I especially the love the little scenes of rooms hiding inside of random items. So sweet :] Here is her etsy shop where she sells all sorts of art and stickers.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some new artists to follow! ♡

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