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I have been saving a lot of links lately to things that looked neat and fun or were helpful, so I wanted to share them here. It has been really great to see so many people and businesses work to share their tutorials, videos, and services for free or at a discount right now. If there are any you are loving, please share in the comments! Hope you all are doing well ♡

// free classes //

» Nikon is offering free online photography courses for the month of April.

» Milk Street Cooking School has made all of its online cooking lessons free through the month of April.

» Coursera is offering all sorts of free classes right now. Some of them even offer a certificate when you're finished which is awesome.

» Here is a list of 12 free online cooking classes going on right now.

// workouts //

» Kara Duval Pilates is hosting free classes on Instagram Live.

» Megan with MC FIT is also doing live workouts, but also has them saved in her feed. I've done her workouts before and they're fantastic!

» One of my all time favorites, Keaira LaShae, is also doing live workouts on her Instagram page!

» Here is a great list of free fitness classes - there are a ton to choose from!

» If you're looking for something low impact, try one of these walk at home videos from Leslie Sansone. I've been doing these all week and they're great!

» My favorite rollerskater is teaching virtual classes twice a week! I haven't cleared out enough space in the garage yet to be able to take a class, but I hope to soon!

// cooking + recipes //

» Mama Eats Plants is blogging again! Her blog is my favorite and I'm so happy she is posting again. I make this minestrone soup recipe of hers all the time - highly recommend!

» Cookmind will generate recipes based on what you already have on hand.

» A chef from a local Thai restaurant shared how to make drunken noodles. I thought it was sweet of her to share so people can make it at home :]

» These enchilada stuffed sweet potatoes look really good! I've been keeping a lot of sweet potatoes on hand because they keep so well in the fridge.

» Yotam Ottolenghi is an incredible chef and has been cooking and sharing recipes on his Instagram. I love his recipes because they are so simple but so full of flavor - it's amazing!

// misc. //

» If you're having trouble finding toilet paper, cleaners, soap, rice, etc. then check out The Supply Finder. It constantly checks Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart and shows you what's in stock and the link to purchase.

» I haven't even watched Tiger King, but all the memes have been amazing. This one is definitely my favorite hahaha That song is catchy! 😂

» Soundscape is a really neat website where you can build your own music/beats. It has some really nice, relaxing sounds and imagery too.

» Here's a quick video on how to make a no sew face mask out of a tank top/t-shirt and hair ties.

» If you also follow Things I Bought and Liked then you probably already saw where she shared the cleaning account Go Clean Co. and omg.. I have been loving her cleaning videos and tips! The laundry stripping is both helpful and horrifying 😳

» This site lets you choose two youtube videos and it creates a mash up for you. I spent waaay too much time playing around with this!

» Here is an insanely huge list of companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings.

» And here is a site dedicated to sharing free resources and financial relief options to freelance artists.

volcano and squeaky dinosaur dog toy
If you have a dog that needs something to do and/or you need them to be occupied for almost an hour (!!!), then you must get this toy! You hide the six little squeaky dinosaurs in the volcano and then your dog will have an absolute blast trying to get them out. If I need to buy some extra time, I'll sprinkle some treats in there as well and they go crazy!

I was hesitant on buying this because of the price tag, but it is well worth it. It's a good size too so it will work for any size pup. I bought this from Chewy and they also had a couple more hide and seek plush toys to choose from.

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