listening to // Sturgill Simpson - Remember to Breathe // Julieta Venegas - Eres para Mi // Panama Jane - OOF // Molchat Doma - Volny // CocoRosie - Restless // Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody // Atmosphere - Lovely // Froth - Department Head // Brandy - I Wanna Be Down // A.A. Bondy - Images of Love // Sturgill Simpson - Long White Line

eating // Mostly stress eating the fudge stripe knock offs from aldi in the mornings and frozen pizzas at night, but also getting some healthyish things in here and there. Like this easy chana dal recipe and this chipotle beans and rice recipe.

I also made this sweet and sour chickpeas and green beans recipe. The chickpeas were a little weird in a stir fry for me, but I think if I subbed those for tofu and added a bit of pineapple juice to the sauce, it'd be perfect! I really want to try some of her other recipes too.

thinking about // So, we got a puppy at the end of January. Ginger is a super cute yorkie/chihuahua mix and really is a good dog. I've never had a puppy before, and I stupidly thought it would be no big deal. ya'll.. I'm going to be honest and it will sound horrible, but I do not enjoy it AT ALL.

I've been working really hard with training using videos from Kikopup (her method takes time but works) and Kaelin Munkelwitz (I've only used her attention barking video so far, but it worked and Ginger took to it very quickly). I'm just drained. I will say that I crate trained her using the Kikopup videos and I can now have her out playing for an hour and half or so and then can put her in her crate for a long nap with no issues and just alternate that schedule all day.

But I'm constantly having to watch over her because she gets into and tries to eat everything. Plus, our other dog can't stand her - we have a 13 year old american eskimo - so I have to keep her leashed to me whenever she is awake. It's just bringing a bunch of stress and little joy to my day. And I know that I sound like a brat saying that. It's especially tough and draining during this super stressful time of isolation/homeschool/job limbo.

I keep reading about people getting the "puppy blues" and that you'll regret getting a puppy for awhile, but it gets so much better. I'm hoping it does 🙏

wishing // Everyone was able to use this time to decompress and not have to worry about anything, but I know that's not the case at all. I wish we took better care of our people in this country.

by @emilycoxhead

watching // I downloaded the PlutoTV app on my phone and have been using it to watch aaaaall the trash tv. Mostly Kitchen Nightmares. They have an entire Kitchen Nightmares channel so it was like a dream come true to me 😆 It's a free app and you don't even have to register to use it. They offer a ton of shows, so check it out!

loving // AOC ♡ She has been doing a lot of Instagram live videos lately. She has been explaining the process and what certain bills means in a really easy to understand way. I think we are very lucky to have someone like her fighting for us. Always and especially right now. 

I'm also loving this art by ArtByAngieCo. I just love this style and the colors she uses - so cozy! Here's her instagram so you can check her work out.

Alright, onto some random fun things I wanted to share:

» photopea // web based site similar to photoshop. it works really well!

» my 90's tv // so someone took a bunch of 90s videos off youtube - including commercials! - and made this amazing site that plays tv just like it was in the 90s. haha I love it! There's also a my 80's tv!

» radio garden // radio stations from all over the world in real time.

» taste dive // you can put in any thing you like, such as a tv show, movie, book, music, and it will give you recommendations on other things you might like.

» boil the frog // enter two artists and it will create a seamless playlist between the two.

» ymca360 // a bunch of free ymca workouts if you're wanting something new.

» bardot brush procreate videos // she has been doing some live draw with me videos that are really fun! If you have the procreate app (so worth it, btw), follow along sometime. I've learned a ton of tips and tricks from her!

» artofteaching // one of my favorite instagram accounts. She's a high school art teacher and she's sharing a lot about distance learning right now. My daughter and I did her homemade zine project together and really loved it.

take care everyone 

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