My New Hobby + This Week's Meal Plan

impala holographic quad rollerskates

I got the best package in the mail a couple of weeks ago! I started to get really into rollerskating about a month ago as a way to stay in shape. The first time I went out on the rink, I had to hold onto the walls for a good twenty minutes or so before I felt I could even begin to balance on my own. 

After practicing 2-3x a week and watching a ton of Dirty School of Skate videos, I can now skate right out onto the rink and I can stop mid skate, then get going again! I gave it awhile to see if this was something I'd continue to be interested in and make sure that I didn't totally hurt myself every time I went out there 😆 and when I realized I absolutely loved it, I bought these beauties..

impala holographic quad rollerskates

I love them! They're by Impala Rollerskates and they have been perfect for me. The hardest part was choosing what color to get. I ended up going with this holographic pair which is pretty out there for me, but I wanted something fun!

Rollerskating has been amazing. Times goes by so fast, I burn ~400 calories in 45 minutes according to my Apple Watch, the music is great.. and it's almost like meditating because I can't look on my phone and my only thoughts are keeping my balance and making sure I don't run into anyone. And when you really get going, it feels like you're flying :] Absolutely love it.

I'll stop with the rollerskating talk and move onto foooood. I haven't really had a set meal plan the last few weeks. We have just been making sandwiches, grilled cheese, salads.. just easy, quick stuff that everyone can have exactly how they want.

Now that we are back into the school routine, I want to start adding in some set meals. We currently don't have a microwave or an oven (the stovetop works though), so I have to rely on my Instant Pot quite a bit. I do miss making a quick frozen pizza, enchiladas, and things like that.. but it's been fine.

Here's what I'm planning on this week:

Monday: veggie spring roll fried rice // never made this before, but Vegan Richa's recipes never disappoint.

Tuesday: simple red lentil soup with spinach, lemon, and pepper // I've made this before and it's amazing. I was skeptical because of the tiny ingredient list.. but it's for real!

Wednesday: curried lentil, tomato, and coconut soup // I've made this before as well and it's another one of those with a small ingredient list that turns out incredible.

Thursday: easy chana dal // I've made this one before too! My rule is to only add one new recipe per week - spring roll rice this week - and make sure all the other recipes are tried and true. I make this dal recipe in the Instant Pot and always double it!

Friday: chili with toppings (corn chips, shredded lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, jalapeños, sour cream/greek yogurt, etc). I use v8, rotel, canned tomatoes, canned beans, chili powder, cumin, paprika. Just add everything to a pot and heat up. I always make a huge batch. We will have leftovers all weekend which is nice.

side note: my daughter will try everything but I guarantee she won't eat any of this (except maybe the rice). I usually make a big batch of Mexican quinoa and rice for her to eat throughout the week or I'll make a quick grilled cheese, mac n' cheese, ravioli, etc. I have no problem making her something separate. I just appreciate that she gives some of the new things I make a try! 

So that's what's happening this week. I'm also deep into this home renovation and have a ton of before photos.. I just need to get things cleaned up and boxes moved before I can take the after photos. Our upstairs has been torn apart in preparation for some subfloor repair and new carpet so everything we own is all downstairs and it's super crowded at the moment. We're getting there though! 😅 I hope you all have an awesome week!

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