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wild love knoxville - coffee and almond frangipane croissant
wild love knoxville // coffee and almond frangipane croissant
 We moved back to Knoxville around two weeks ago and I am loving being back! Chattanooga was nice for the 6ish years we were there, but I feel so at home now. And I'm getting back into living here the only way I know how - food 😜

I've been stopping by Wild Love for a coffee and almond frangipane croissant way too often. I had no idea what frangipane was before this. I now know that it's an almond paste base similar to pastry cream and that I felt like I was loving life a little more than usual after I tried it. If you go here, definitely get one! All their pastries are fantastic but that one is my favorite for sure.

bida saigon knoxville - veggie pho

I'd never had pho before and am forever changed after this experience. We stopped by Bida Saigon last week and it was incredible! I got the veggie and tofu pho in the vegetable broth which was amazing. You get a huge portion for like $9 that comes with a big plate of bean sprouts, culantro, basil, lime, and jalapeños.

wild love knoxville - coffee and almond frangipane croissant

Ah yeah. Again and again! 👐

nama knoxville bearden - inari and spicy tofu handroll

Here's what I had when we stopped by Nama for lunch one day. I always go for the inari - it's my favorite! It's a thin layer of fried tofu wrapped around a slightly sweet sushi rice. I also got a spicy tofu handroll. I stopped by the grocery store and picked up the ingredients to make the handrolls at home too. It's so easy to make when you've prepared a big batch of rice beforehand and really filling!

asia kitchen knoxville - vegetable delight

The last food photo I have. This is the vegetable delight from Asia Kitchen. The reviews online are not so great, but a friend said it was the best place to go so we went and it was good! I was worried since the vegetable options all seemed to have pork as well, so I asked the waitress and she said the vegetable delight doesn't have any meat.

I didn't want to be a bother so I didn't even ask about fish sauce and such. The portions are insanely huge! It would be good to order a couple and share. They have some family style serving tables with the spinning plate - lazy susan? - in the middle which would be great with a large group.

So there's some of our food adventures as of late. Last week I was urged by my doctor to give a gluten free diet a chance since I'm having some autoimmune/hypothyroid issues. The first couple of days were super easy but man, the past few days have been tough! I'll make some posts about it and share meals and such. I have seen some positive changes and will keep it up for a couple of months to see how it goes.

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