I found this beauty at Home Depot and absolutely love it!

LISTENING TO // I have had the following on repeat: Rhye - Wicked Dreams // Drama - Hopes Up // Parquet Courts - Back to Earth // Julieta Venegas - Tu Calor // Tory Lanez and Rich the Kid - Talk to Me

I mean. I love bright colors and this kitchen is the least of my concerns about this house if you can imagine that. But just why? I am dreading painting all this 😭

WISHING // This house was DONE. We moved into a house that needs a bunch of work and I'm just overwhelmed at the moment. Figuring out what we can do ourselves vs. what we need to hire out, researching companies, getting estimates, cleaning, the smells πŸ’€ it's a lot right now.

We pulled up all the (super gross) carpet from the entire upstairs and then found out the subfloor was wet from all the rain getting in through bad siding at the dormers - which means we need new siding to be put on before we can tackle the subfloor issue. So, before we can get carpet, we now need new siding and let me tell ya.. those quotes aren't pretty! 

I have a running list that I add things to daily and I then prioritize into either ASAP or can-wait-until-later. I just bought this book called How Your House Works (not an affiliate link). It gets here on Thursday and I need it because I don't know how any of this works πŸ˜…

big ol’ salad that actually wasn’t all that great but I liked the photo haha

EATING // Since I've cut out gluten, I have just naturally been reaching for more fruits and vegetables since I don't want to buy any of the gluten free breads and products at the moment. Baked sweet potatoes, pineapple, cantaloupe, red lentil chili with tortilla chips, homemade sushi (tofu, cucumber, rice, and sriracha), watermelon, scrambled/hardboiled eggs, etc.

I'm almost over lentils at this point because I've been eating so many of them. We went out to eat yesterday and I had the southwestern salad at Tomato Head with baked tofu and I can't quit thinking about it now! So good!

THINKING ABOUT // How I deleted Facebook over the weekend and it was an A+ decision. Also, updating my resume - Canva has a ton of fantastic templates, fyi! - and figuring out what I want to do with my life 😜

WATCHING // We just finished the Chernobyl HBO series and watched a couple of documentaries on Prime about the disaster afterwards. There's one documentary on there called Chernobyl's Cafe which is about the people that live there today and the cafe that was opened 10km from the site.

CRUSHING ON // I am in love with this textile art from jujujust! Absolutely gorgeous!

Hope you all had a great weekend :]

Knoxville Through Food

wild love knoxville - coffee and almond frangipane croissant
wild love knoxville // coffee and almond frangipane croissant
 We moved back to Knoxville around two weeks ago and I am loving being back! Chattanooga was nice for the 6ish years we were there, but I feel so at home now. And I'm getting back into living here the only way I know how - food 😜

I've been stopping by Wild Love for a coffee and almond frangipane croissant way too often. I had no idea what frangipane was before this. I now know that it's an almond paste base similar to pastry cream and that I felt like I was loving life a little more than usual after I tried it. If you go here, definitely get one! All their pastries are fantastic but that one is my favorite for sure.

bida saigon knoxville - veggie pho

I'd never had pho before and am forever changed after this experience. We stopped by Bida Saigon last week and it was incredible! I got the veggie and tofu pho in the vegetable broth which was amazing. You get a huge portion for like $9 that comes with a big plate of bean sprouts, culantro, basil, lime, and jalapeΓ±os.

wild love knoxville - coffee and almond frangipane croissant

Ah yeah. Again and again! πŸ‘

nama knoxville bearden - inari and spicy tofu handroll

Here's what I had when we stopped by Nama for lunch one day. I always go for the inari - it's my favorite! It's a thin layer of fried tofu wrapped around a slightly sweet sushi rice. I also got a spicy tofu handroll. I stopped by the grocery store and picked up the ingredients to make the handrolls at home too. It's so easy to make when you've prepared a big batch of rice beforehand and really filling!

asia kitchen knoxville - vegetable delight

The last food photo I have. This is the vegetable delight from Asia Kitchen. The reviews online are not so great, but a friend said it was the best place to go so we went and it was good! I was worried since the vegetable options all seemed to have pork as well, so I asked the waitress and she said the vegetable delight doesn't have any meat.

I didn't want to be a bother so I didn't even ask about fish sauce and such. The portions are insanely huge! It would be good to order a couple and share. They have some family style serving tables with the spinning plate - lazy susan? - in the middle which would be great with a large group.

So there's some of our food adventures as of late. Last week I was urged by my doctor to give a gluten free diet a chance since I'm having some autoimmune/hypothyroid issues. The first couple of days were super easy but man, the past few days have been tough! I'll make some posts about it and share meals and such. I have seen some positive changes and will keep it up for a couple of months to see how it goes.

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