A Couple of Vegan Recipes + Holiday Cards

pure mamas no cook marinara sauce recipe - vegan

Last night I made this no cook marinara and it was amazing! I didn't have any miso on hand so I used veg broth and it was still great. I bet it's even better with miso so I'm going to pick some up before I make another batch.

Waves didn't want to eat it because it was orange 😒 so I used a jarred marinara from the Whole Foods 365 brand that she really loves instead. I just wanted to add that so you know it was not kid approved over here on the first go, but I think with time she would like it.

spaghetti with homemade marinara

I bought this basil plant at Whole Foods for $2 the other day and it has been wonderful to have! It's from Living Fresh Farm out of Athens, Georgia. They are a hydroponic greenhouse that specializes in basil and lettuce. All you do is put the plant in a shallow bowl and make sure to keep water in it. So easy and so, so nice to have on my kitchen counter - it smells amazing! And as you can see, I've been loading up on it whenever I make spaghetti 😜

I finally made the lentil, carrot, and kale sauté with crispy potatoes from last week's meal plan - we ended up going out the night I was supposed to make it - and it just wasn't that good. It was pretty bland and I'm not the type of person that knows what to add to up the flavor - I have to be told exactly what to do, although I'm trying to learn! I sautéed up some mushrooms in veggie broth and added some roasted chickpeas which made it a bit better.

I just realized I never posted the meal plan for this week! Tonight I'm making this curried lentil, tomato, and coconut soup. I'm going to stop by the store this afternoon to get a baguette to go with it and it's going to be goooood!

holiday cards for cards for hospitalized kids

Last night, Waves and I made Christmas cards for Cards for Hospitalized Kids. She did such a great job and worked so hard for a solid hour making cards. We ended up making ten cards altogether and it was so nice to just draw and talk :]

We just bought a leaf blower, so I'm off to tackle the leaves in the 30* weather 😬 Hope you all have great day!

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