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I usually shop on Sunday or Monday mornings, but I'm slacking this week and will go to the store sometime tomorrow. Because of that.. we are running super low on food so it was baked potatoes tonight. I made some potatoes in the Instant Pot using these instructions and put out some Greek yogurt, cheese, jalapeños, veggie chili, butter, etc. Love dinners like that because they are so easy and everyone gets to make their meal exactly how they like.

Here's what the rest of the week is looking like:

Tuesday » Italian Wonderpot from Budget Bytes - Waves called these magic noodles when she was really little so that's what we call it now and why it says that on the picture up there 😂

Wednesday » make your own pizza - just like the potatoes today.. I put a bunch of ingredients out and everyone makes theirs exactly how they want.

Thursday » red lentil chili in the Instant Pot from Vegan Richa. This is a really great recipe! I've made it quite a few times and love it. Waves won't eat it so I will probably just make her mac n' cheese.

Friday » leftovers

Saturday » frozen pizzas.. keeping it easy!

Sunday » tempeh blt's - tempeh, tomato, avocado on toasted bread. So good!

I'm going to finish up my grocery list and head to bed. I finished Schitt's Creek about an hour ago so I don't even know what to do with my night now 😜 hope you all have a great week!

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