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I decided with this meal plan that I was going to change things. I'd been relying on quick meals for dinner - hot dogs, frozen pizzas, etc. - every single night. I meal planned last week, but veered from it in the middle of the week so the red lentil chili and tempeh bit's didn't happen, but pizzas and other stuff did.

And when it comes to my daughter, I was giving in to snacks and treats such as Pringles, vanilla wafers, and leftover Halloween candy way too often. I just had to remind myself that it's on me to provide healthier options for my family and I really, really enjoy cooking so here I am.. ready to do better.

We've already switched out those other snacks with apples, bell peppers, cantaloupe, sliced cucumbers, and grape tomatoes. There have been a few tears over not having as much sugary stuff or a piece of Halloween candy after dinner, but it's already better after one day.

Here's the plan for this week:

Thursday » leftover chili

Friday » mama eats plants spiced sweet potato and black bean bowl with spicy lime slaw

Saturday » Budget Byte's Italian wonderpot - we call it magic noodles 😜

Sunday » tofu lasagna from How It All Vegan! - my first cookbook :]

mama eats plants beet + quinoa buddha bowl

Last night I made the beet + quinoa buddha bowl and was a little intimidated by it all, but it actually came together very easily and quickly. And oooomg was it delicious! I was very happy with this meal. Waves ate a couple of mushrooms and then asked if she could please have macaroni and cheese. I'm never going to force her to eat anything and was happy she tried it on her own, so I made her mac n' cheese. After that she had a snack plate with cucumbers, red bell pepper, and cantaloupe.

mama eats plants flourless chocolate cookies

After dinner I made these amazing flourless chocolate cookies. I also had one with breakfast this morning :] I just realized that I prepped the slaw for the sweet potato bowls yesterday because I thought that's what I had planned for tonight but it's actually the lentil dish soo.. I will probably switch those around.

I still haven't decided what we will have on Sunday. I left it open in case we decided to go out since we're going to get a Christmas tree that day. So that's what our week looks like. Hope you all are having a great week :]

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