My Favorite Zero Waste Bloggers

Stevieyaaaay » Stevie is super fun to follow. She's always positive, shows that zero waste doesn't have to be all or nothing, and has a great sense of humor.

Mama Eats Plants » This is my go-to when I need meal inspiration. Her blog is awesome and I love looking through her meals plans and recipes. Her and Stevie do these fun 'yay for earth!' challenges where they will post a grocery list and a weeks worth of meals to go along with it. Here is the most recent one which looks fantastic!

Paris to Go » Ariana's blog - check it out, it's amazing - was what got me interested in zero waste living. She has a post for anything and everything you could think of. Some of my favorites are zero waste makeup, mise en place (inventory of and organizing a zero waste kitchen), and building a zero waste pantry.

Please share any of your favorites in the comments! I love finding new bloggers to follow :]


  1. I’m very new to zero waste. Thanks for making me more aware. I’ll check out these bloggers.

  2. I never heard about these bloggers but will definitely visit their blogs :) Mama Eats Plants seems to take gorgeous pictures

  3. Cool - I'll check them out! It's tricky for me, right now - I'm caregiver for the parents (in their nineties) and some of my old techniques don't work well with them - so I need new ideas!


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