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free digital planner spending tracker
I have been having a blast designing again - it's what I went for school for - and I feel so thankful that I'm able to merge two of the things that I love the most: designing + planners. Digital planning has been a game changer for me because it is so versatile. You're able to build a planner to fit your exact needs.

I always had a hard time choosing paper planners because I would love the design, but then they would have features I didn't need or want. With digital, I'm able to choose a minimalist planner page and then add habit tracking stickers or a to-do list or an area for goals. It's great!

Also, and this is going to sound mega crazy but whatever 😜, if I made a mistake in my paper planner and had to cover it with a sticker or mark it out.. sometimes I would just abandon the planner altogether because of the scribbles or that the stickers didn't look right over the mess ups. Now, with digital.. I just erase or select the lasso tool to resize my writing if it's too small or move it over a bit so it's completely centered. Seriously, such a huge plus.

I've been using the Goodnotes app on my iPad and importing letter size JPGS into my notebook and then I'm able to add stickers or write on top of the images. Here's a video of how I have my current notebook in Goodnotes set up: weekly planner (has habit trackers, to-do list, and goals for the week) /// spending tracker /// grocery list + meal plan /// project planner

So you can see how you can have a planner with exactly what you need. For example, I don't like monthly layouts so it's great being able to have only weekly.

I went way more into this than I intended, but I just love talking about it :] Anyway, I've been making a ton of digital planning tools for my Etsy shop but I wanted to share some of the things I've been creating here as freebies so that if you're interested in digital planning, you'll have some pages and stickers to get you started so you can play around with it and see if it's for you! All these pages + stickers are for personal use only, please!
Portrait Orientation Botanical Spending Tracker | I used these beautiful watercolors from Katerina Osa because if you're having to deal with expenses and bills.. you have to have sometime pretty to look at! :] I left some room on the left margin incase you'd like to print this out and how punch to put into a binder.

free digital planning tools | free digital planner + stickers

Hand Drawn Purple/Grey Hearts | I drew these cute little hearts and added a few sayings. I left one blank so you can write whatever you'd like on it.

Painted Pastel Frames + Flags | These are great for highlighting important tasks in your planner!

free digital planning tools | free digital planner + stickers

Landscape Orientation Weekly To-Do List | You can also print this JPG out if you'd like to have a paper copy to use.

free digital planning tools | free digital planner + stickers

Christmas / Holiday Stickers | These have some foul language 😅 Let's just say if you are also a big fan of watching Die Hard during the holidays, you will enjoy these stickers 😂

free digital planning tools | free digital planner + stickers

Watercolor Moon Days of the Week Stickers | Love these dark + moody days of the week stickers!

I hope that you enjoy these! There are a ton of great digital planning videos on YouTube and so many great designs over on Etsy, including my planner shop if you are interested :]

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  1. This is so cool! I've never tried goodnotes because I've always been a paper planner kind of person, but I am definitely going to try it now! And the stickers are so pretty!


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