LISTENING TO // We finally moved our treadmill from storage to our garage, so I've been doing a lot of running. I'm actually following the MCFIT 7 day training program - which is free! - and I'm loving it. It has a running component and then a strength training part right after.

So, since I've been running a lot more, that means I'm listening to a lot more music. My running playlist on Spotify is all over the place, but here ya go!

WISHING // I could figure out what's going on with my thyroid meds. It's been a pain trying to get my levels stable without any funky side effects. I've read positive things about diet changes helping so I'm doing a little more research on it.

spiced sweet potatoes + black beans with crunchy, spicy lime slaw

EATING // This week's meal plan has been fantastic. The recipes are much simpler than I thought, the grocery bill was lower than usual, and we all feel good. Waves has tried everything, but hasn't wanted to eat any more than a bite or two. I usually make her a snack plate - cucumber, bell peppers, tofu, blackberries, and a few alligator gummies from the Whole Foods bulk bins.

My favorite meal was the beet + quinoa buddha bowl. It just came together so nicely! Also, having things prepped have been a lifesaver for lunches because everything comes together so quickly. I'm loving it so much that I already started work on next week's meal plan :]

THINKING ABOUT // I just opened up my Etsy shop selling digital and printable planning supplies and it is all I'm thinking about. I have a bad habit of starting a project, putting my all in/thinking about it obsessively, burning out, abandoning it, and then feeling lame about it all. Like, uh.. this blog 😑 I have realized I have this issue and am really working hard on addressing it and not repeating it every time I start something.

To help combat this, I'm fighting through the "imposter syndrome" feeling, and trying to push through. I know this sounds dramatic in regards to blogs and etsy stores.. but this has been a reoccurring theme in my life with things more serious than this so it needs to stop.

CRUSHING ON // Essie's "lighten the mood" polish. It's such a beautiful neutral cream/super light pink!

WATCHING // I just finished Schitt's Creek. Love David and especially love his and Moira's outfits. And of course I started up Parks & Rec again, mostly for background noise.. but only through season 3! Ain't got time for the mess once Leslie starts campaigning.

Hope you all have a great Friday :]

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