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free digital planner spending tracker
I have been having a blast designing again - it's what I went for school for - and I feel so thankful that I'm able to merge two of the things that I love the most: designing + planners. Digital planning has been a game changer for me because it is so versatile. You're able to build a planner to fit your exact needs.

I always had a hard time choosing paper planners because I would love the design, but then they would have features I didn't need or want. With digital, I'm able to choose a minimalist planner page and then add habit tracking stickers or a to-do list or an area for goals. It's great!

Also, and this is going to sound mega crazy but whatever 😜, if I made a mistake in my paper planner and had to cover it with a sticker or mark it out.. sometimes I would just abandon the planner altogether because of the scribbles or that the stickers didn't look right over the mess ups. Now, with digital.. I just erase or select the lasso tool to resize my writing if it's too small or move it over a bit so it's completely centered. Seriously, such a huge plus.

I've been using the Goodnotes app on my iPad and importing letter size JPGS into my notebook and then I'm able to add stickers or write on top of the images. Here's a video of how I have my current notebook in Goodnotes set up: weekly planner (has habit trackers, to-do list, and goals for the week) /// spending tracker /// grocery list + meal plan /// project planner

So you can see how you can have a planner with exactly what you need. For example, I don't like monthly layouts so it's great being able to have only weekly.

I went way more into this than I intended, but I just love talking about it :] Anyway, I've been making a ton of digital planning tools for my Etsy shop but I wanted to share some of the things I've been creating here as freebies so that if you're interested in digital planning, you'll have some pages and stickers to get you started so you can play around with it and see if it's for you! All these pages + stickers are for personal use only, please!
Portrait Orientation Botanical Spending Tracker | I used these beautiful watercolors from Katerina Osa because if you're having to deal with expenses and bills.. you have to have sometime pretty to look at! :] I left some room on the left margin incase you'd like to print this out and how punch to put into a binder.

free digital planning tools | free digital planner + stickers

Hand Drawn Purple/Grey Hearts | I drew these cute little hearts and added a few sayings. I left one blank so you can write whatever you'd like on it.

Painted Pastel Frames + Flags | These are great for highlighting important tasks in your planner!

free digital planning tools | free digital planner + stickers

Christmas / Holiday Stickers | These have some foul language πŸ˜… Let's just say if you are also a big fan of watching Die Hard during the holidays, you will enjoy these stickers πŸ˜‚

free digital planning tools | free digital planner + stickers

Watercolor Moon Days of the Week Stickers | Love these dark + moody days of the week stickers!

I hope that you enjoy these! There are a ton of great digital planning videos on YouTube and so many great designs over on Etsy, including my planner shop if you are interested :]


LISTENING TO // We finally moved our treadmill from storage to our garage, so I've been doing a lot of running. I'm actually following the MCFIT 7 day training program - which is free! - and I'm loving it. It has a running component and then a strength training part right after.

So, since I've been running a lot more, that means I'm listening to a lot more music. My running playlist on Spotify is all over the place, but here ya go!

WISHING // I could figure out what's going on with my thyroid meds. It's been a pain trying to get my levels stable without any funky side effects. I've read positive things about diet changes helping so I'm doing a little more research on it.

spiced sweet potatoes + black beans with crunchy, spicy lime slaw

EATING // This week's meal plan has been fantastic. The recipes are much simpler than I thought, the grocery bill was lower than usual, and we all feel good. Waves has tried everything, but hasn't wanted to eat any more than a bite or two. I usually make her a snack plate - cucumber, bell peppers, tofu, blackberries, and a few alligator gummies from the Whole Foods bulk bins.

My favorite meal was the beet + quinoa buddha bowl. It just came together so nicely! Also, having things prepped have been a lifesaver for lunches because everything comes together so quickly. I'm loving it so much that I already started work on next week's meal plan :]

THINKING ABOUT // I just opened up my Etsy shop selling digital and printable planning supplies and it is all I'm thinking about. I have a bad habit of starting a project, putting my all in/thinking about it obsessively, burning out, abandoning it, and then feeling lame about it all. Like, uh.. this blog πŸ˜‘ I have realized I have this issue and am really working hard on addressing it and not repeating it every time I start something.

To help combat this, I'm fighting through the "imposter syndrome" feeling, and trying to push through. I know this sounds dramatic in regards to blogs and etsy stores.. but this has been a reoccurring theme in my life with things more serious than this so it needs to stop.

CRUSHING ON // Essie's "lighten the mood" polish. It's such a beautiful neutral cream/super light pink!

WATCHING // I just finished Schitt's Creek. Love David and especially love his and Moira's outfits. And of course I started up Parks & Rec again, mostly for background noise.. but only through season 3! Ain't got time for the mess once Leslie starts campaigning.

Hope you all have a great Friday :]

This Week's Meal Plan

digital planner meal plan + grocery list
Meal plan sheet available in my Etsy - comes with JPG for your iPad + a printable

I decided with this meal plan that I was going to change things. I'd been relying on quick meals for dinner - hot dogs, frozen pizzas, etc. - every single night. I meal planned last week, but veered from it in the middle of the week so the red lentil chili and tempeh bit's didn't happen, but pizzas and other stuff did.

And when it comes to my daughter, I was giving in to snacks and treats such as Pringles, vanilla wafers, and leftover Halloween candy way too often. I just had to remind myself that it's on me to provide healthier options for my family and I really, really enjoy cooking so here I am.. ready to do better.

We've already switched out those other snacks with apples, bell peppers, cantaloupe, sliced cucumbers, and grape tomatoes. There have been a few tears over not having as much sugary stuff or a piece of Halloween candy after dinner, but it's already better after one day.

Here's the plan for this week:

Thursday » leftover chili

Friday » mama eats plants spiced sweet potato and black bean bowl with spicy lime slaw

Saturday » Budget Byte's Italian wonderpot - we call it magic noodles 😜

Sunday » tofu lasagna from How It All Vegan! - my first cookbook :]

mama eats plants beet + quinoa buddha bowl

Last night I made the beet + quinoa buddha bowl and was a little intimidated by it all, but it actually came together very easily and quickly. And oooomg was it delicious! I was very happy with this meal. Waves ate a couple of mushrooms and then asked if she could please have macaroni and cheese. I'm never going to force her to eat anything and was happy she tried it on her own, so I made her mac n' cheese. After that she had a snack plate with cucumbers, red bell pepper, and cantaloupe.

mama eats plants flourless chocolate cookies

After dinner I made these amazing flourless chocolate cookies. I also had one with breakfast this morning :] I just realized that I prepped the slaw for the sweet potato bowls yesterday because I thought that's what I had planned for tonight but it's actually the lentil dish soo.. I will probably switch those around.

I still haven't decided what we will have on Sunday. I left it open in case we decided to go out since we're going to get a Christmas tree that day. So that's what our week looks like. Hope you all are having a great week :]

What I'm Cooking This Week

grocery list + meal plan template for digital planners - good notes
weekly meal plan + grocery list | template in my etsy shop
I usually shop on Sunday or Monday mornings, but I'm slacking this week and will go to the store sometime tomorrow. Because of that.. we are running super low on food so it was baked potatoes tonight. I made some potatoes in the Instant Pot using these instructions and put out some Greek yogurt, cheese, jalapeΓ±os, veggie chili, butter, etc. Love dinners like that because they are so easy and everyone gets to make their meal exactly how they like.

Here's what the rest of the week is looking like:

Tuesday » Italian Wonderpot from Budget Bytes - Waves called these magic noodles when she was really little so that's what we call it now and why it says that on the picture up there πŸ˜‚

Wednesday » make your own pizza - just like the potatoes today.. I put a bunch of ingredients out and everyone makes theirs exactly how they want.

Thursday » red lentil chili in the Instant Pot from Vegan Richa. This is a really great recipe! I've made it quite a few times and love it. Waves won't eat it so I will probably just make her mac n' cheese.

Friday » leftovers

Saturday » frozen pizzas.. keeping it easy!

Sunday » tempeh blt's - tempeh, tomato, avocado on toasted bread. So good!

I'm going to finish up my grocery list and head to bed. I finished Schitt's Creek about an hour ago so I don't even know what to do with my night now 😜 hope you all have a great week!

My Favorite Zero Waste Bloggers

Stevieyaaaay » Stevie is super fun to follow. She's always positive, shows that zero waste doesn't have to be all or nothing, and has a great sense of humor.

Mama Eats Plants » This is my go-to when I need meal inspiration. Her blog is awesome and I love looking through her meals plans and recipes. Her and Stevie do these fun 'yay for earth!' challenges where they will post a grocery list and a weeks worth of meals to go along with it. Here is the most recent one which looks fantastic!

Paris to Go » Ariana's blog - check it out, it's amazing - was what got me interested in zero waste living. She has a post for anything and everything you could think of. Some of my favorites are zero waste makeup, mise en place (inventory of and organizing a zero waste kitchen), and building a zero waste pantry.

Please share any of your favorites in the comments! I love finding new bloggers to follow :]

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