What I Ate Wednesday

It has been awhile since I've done one these and I think they're fun so here we are. :] I've been working on incorporating more whole foods into my diet. And I'm doing much better.. although when I was making this post I was like wow.. that's a lot of beige 😜 but it's all good. I'll get there eventually. So, here is everything I ate in a day:

6:30am » I have a big glass of water and cup coffee with almond milk while I pack Waves' lunch and get ready for the day. I meant to grab a protein bar on my way out the door since I had to go volunteer right after school drop off, but I forgot it at home 😭


9:30am » I'm back home and get started on breakfast. I microwaved a potato for 2:30, cut it up, and put it in a hot pan with coconut oil spray to finish cooking and crisp up. I topped it with some nutritional yeast and black pepper, then make some egg whites and one egg. I put the eggs over some greens and topped the potatoes with some vegan parmesan.

I've been loving potatoes lately. They have so much potassium - more than bananas! - and are so filling.

11:30am » I have a lot more water and one square of this chocolate. I got this chocolate from Aldi and it is so good! Pick one up next time you're there.. it's awesome.

1:00pm » I got caught up cleaning and stop to take a break for lunch. I make spaghetti squash, Tofurky Italian sausage, and traditional marinara from Aldi. I topped it with a bit of vegan parmesan after the photo. After this, I had another square of the chocolate from Aldi.

3:30pm » I share an apple with Waves and have mine with some almond butter. I also have a big glass of water. Then we head off to the library.

5:15pm » We get home and I start getting dinner ready for Waves. She's pretty hungry today so I go ahead and give her dinner - Annie's mac n' cheese with peas and some steamed veggies on the side. I wash some veggies - cucumber, grape tomatoes, and carrots - and dip them in Bolthouse yogurt ranch dressing.

6:30pm » I have a veggie burger and fries with ketchup, peas, and green beans on the side. The veggie burgers are the vegan protein ones from Aldi.. they have 16g of protein! I put mustard, bbq sauce, a bunch of field greens, and tomatoes on there.

9:00pm » I had a bowl of this with unsweetened almond milk. This cereal is so good. I usually mix half a serving of Special K protein cereal but I'm out right now.

I ended up not meeting my protein goal of 120g/day, but did good on everything else and met my micros. My macros were: 102g protein /// 199g carbs /// 54g fat and 69g sugar /// 31g fiber

Hope you all are having a great day!

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