How Much We Spent on Groceries in February + Meal Plan

I was curious as to how much we were spending on groceries each month so I decided to keep track of all my receipts in February. This post shares my first grocery trip of the month with a total of $159.32. This is for food only - no cleaning products, household goods, or anything like that.

We are a family of three - my husband and I are currently tracking macros, I'm a vegetarian, and my daughter eats quite a bit and I pack her lunch 2-3 times a week for school.

My first shopping trip of the month was a big one and then I made the following smaller trips to fill in the gaps:

Food City
total: $29.77 // $2 off coupon used

almond milk
orange juice
kashi go lean cereal
spaghetti sauce
red leaf lettuce
box of think thin protein bars
udis plain bagels

Trader Joe's
total: $24.19

2 bags roasted plantain chips
bar of 85% dark chocolate
coconut aminos
bag of oranges
bag of apples
jar of almond butter

Food City
total: $24.93

stubbs bbq sauce (had a backup in the pantry and didn't know 😑)
golden crackers
slush puppie popsicles
alexia frozen potato wedges
alexia frozen fries
2 amy's tofu scramble frozen burritos
pack of 12 hamburger buns

total: $52.22

2 boxes of think thin protein bars (15% off on cartwheel so I stocked up)
bag of russet potatoes
5 boxes of annie's mac n' cheese (were on sale for $0.99 each - great deal)
2 cans of amy's chili
2 boxes of special k protein cereal
3 sweet earth protein burritos
morningstar chicken nuggets
mini ice cream sundae bars

So, the total spent on groceries for the month of February: $290.43. Keeping track of all this and knowing that I was going to report back was extremely helpful in curbing impulse purchases and focusing more on weekly sales. We had quite a bit of food leftover for March too which is nice.

Right now, our freezer is packed full so I'm going to try to make more meals out of there to keep costs low this month. I already did a big shopping trip at Wal-Mart on Friday and I'll share that in another post since this one is already getting pretty long.

» this week's meal plan

cauliflower tacos - I made these over the weekend and they were amazing! We have a ton of tortillas and toppings leftover so I'm making more of the cauliflower filling for dinner and lunch tomorrow. I get bags of frozen riced cauliflower and Aldi for super cheap. 

5 ingredient paleo pizza spaghetti squash pie - I use Tofurky Italian sausages for this and it's so good! It makes enough to have for dinner and a couple of lunches which is nice.

stir-fry - I have a ton of frozen veggies and a couple blocks of tofu so stir-fry it is 👍

Italian wonderpot - It's just so easy and everyone loves it so much. I'll serve it along with a salad.

curried chickpeas with spinach - This is another family favorite and super easy to make.

Hope you all have had a great weekend so far and if you have any recipe suggestions please share! I love finding new meals to make :]

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