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In the past week or so, we've been crazy busy and have all felt like we're on the verge of getting sick. I'm actually starting to think it may be allergies. I was born and raised only an hour and a half from Chattanooga and never had allergies, but as soon as we moved here it has been horrible. I'm still learning what allergy symptoms are like and man, it can be brutal.

We have had some amazing weather lately - almost 80* yesterday! - so we've been living outside. Walking around the city, playing at parks, driving with the windows down. It's the best. I ran some errands yesterday after work, picked up a veggie pizza from Papa Murphy's, and we had a family night in. We ate a ton of pizza, watched Odd Squad (best kids show ever!), and played games. Right now, this is our favorite family game 👇

» race to the treasure board game
We bought this game as a Christmas gift for Waves and we all love to play it! It's really fun, goes quickly, and it's amazing because there is no winner.. it's all about teamwork and working together to come up with a strategy to beat the ogre to the treasure. Definitely recommend it if you're needing to buy a gift for a 5+ year old that is into board games. They also have a cool policy where if you lose any pieces they will send replacements to you for free 👍

and some other things I've been loving lately...

maesri pad thai sauce

» this pad thai sauce
I bought this at Asian Food & Gifts of Chattanooga and it is good. Pretty spicy and good for pad thai and tofu stir-fry. There is a ton of sodium of course, but otherwise the ingredients are just: sugar, tamarind, shallot, garlic, salt, tomato paste, distilled vinegar, soybean oil, and chili powder. It was only $2 for a 9oz jar.

» trader joe's visit
We took a weekend trip to Knoxville awhile back and I stopped by Trader Joe's as we were leaving to head back home. I forgot to pack a cooler so I had to stick to non-perishables. I managed to get some great things though! That almond butter is incredible and the coconut aminos are awesome - and only $2.99! That stuff can be $9+ at Whole Foods.

Those plantain chips are a must buy. And obviously that 85% dark chocolate is too since I couldn't wait to take the photo before I broke into it. I'd heard people were going crazy over that rose water toner so I grabbed one. I'm not a fan of rose scented products and this scent is strong. I've only been using it for a few days though so maybe it will do something good for my skin.

» lissletters instagram
I came across this Instagram account last night and I swear it is the most relaxing thing to watch her hand letter on her iPad. She makes it look way too easy!

» other stuff

- I've been using this keratin thermal protecting mist for a couple of months now and really love it. The smell is fantastic and it really does add shine to your hair. You only need three or four sprays max, otherwise your hair will look greasy. I blow dry my hair everyday and use my flat or curling iron once a week or so I am happy to find something to protect from all of the heat styling.

- I loved this vegetarian meal plan post that includes her family's feedback of all the recipes.

- Did you all her about this great white shark that was tagged over a year ago popped up in the Everglades awhile back?

- A coworker mentioned she had checked her Chinese horoscope for 2018 and I got curious and checked mine and of course got way too into it. This is the site I used and man.. everything was really accurate about my sign! The yearly horoscope is so detailed. When I got to the part about having no important furniture in the southwest corner of my home to protect from evil sprits I was like hold up  haha time to bust out the compass app and get to rearranging 😜

- Loved this idea to make your own zero waste perfume and room spray. I've become wary of candles and any other sort of air fresheners because of the funky ingredients. Lately, I'll just simmer water with orange, vanilla, and cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice on the stove to freshen up the house.

Hope that you all have a great weekend!

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