Last Week's Workouts + Grocery Haul + Kid Lunches

Last week was for sure not the greatest when it came to getting my workout in. Waves was sick, Greg was out of town, I had to work, I was worried I was going to get sick.. excuses, but at the time I was finding it difficult to make time for workouts. I'm doing much better this week and feeling awesome.

I did my favorite Yoga with Adriene video after I dropped Waves off at school on Monday and it felt good. Yesterday was a rest day because I was exhausted after work. I got no sleep at all the night before due to Waves wanting to be right next to me, tossing and turning, a kick right to the face after she somehow did a 180 turn in the middle of the night.. aaaaand then my alarm went off at 4:45am for me to get ready for work 😭

Anyway, like I said.. not much to report on about last week, but I did make up a couple of workouts that I enjoyed so I wanted to share:

Sunday 1/28

no workout

Monday 1/29

This total body workout I made up. Took 33 minutes and burned 279 calories.

Tuesday 1/30

no workout

Wednesday 1/31 

no workout

Thursday 2/1

no workout

Friday 2/2 

20 minute amrap workout

I did this 20 minute AMRAP workout that I wrote out quickly. I warmed up, set a timer for 20 minutes, and then went through all the moves as many times as I could before the timer went off. I definitely took a few rest breaks in there. Burned 227 calories.

Saturday 2/3

no workout

whole foods grocery haul

I made a quick stop at Whole Foods today after Waves had a sports thing since I needed some basics for her lunches. I bought some fruits and veggies, cheese, and pouches for snacks at school. There were also some things in the bottom of the cart - almond milk, some candy from the bulk bins that Waves wanted to try, a giant jug of hand soap refill (the 365 brand of foaming grapefruit soap is awesome), crackers, and...

...some of these mini Gardein burgers. I was pretty sure these would fit in the Yumbox lunchbox and I was right, thank goodness! They fit perfectly. Waves had never had these before, but I heated one up for dinner so she could try it since I didn't want to pack something she didn't like and then be hungry.. but she really loved them. They took less than a minute to heat up in the microwave so these will be a good option for when I need to make her lunch quickly.

kid lunch - yumbox

I love getting new ideas for her lunches - which is why I was checking the #yumbox #schoolunch #schoollunchideas tags on Instagram for a good half an hour today - so I wanted to share what I've been packing lately.

This lunch was a bear shaped cheese sandwich that I had to smush in there to fit - I used the bear shape from this sandwich cutter set.. love these! and plain tofu cubes, cucumber, grape tomatoes, bell pepper, carrots, and strawberries. There are mini marshmallows in the treat compartment (the little round part on the middle right).

kid lunches - yumbox

Let me tell you, making a box of mac 'n cheese and having it in the fridge is such a lifesaver when you just don't know what to pack. This lunch is Annie's macaroni and cheese with peas, plain tofu, green beans, strawberries, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, and mini marshmallows and a probiotic gummy in the treat compartment.

kids lunch - yumbox

This lunch is for tomorrow and has one of the burgers from above, crackers with sliced colby jack cheese underneath, bell peppers, chickpeas, blueberries and strawberries with heart shaped cheese 😜, grape tomatoes and cucumbers, and mini marshmallows with some candy from the Whole Foods bulk bins.

The lunchbox is this style of Yumbox that we originally bought when she started preschool. I wasn't sure if it would be good for kindergarten too since her appetite might be much larger.. but it has been great. You can really fit a lot of food in there, plus I can just add things in a separate baggie or container if I feel that she needs more food though I haven't had to do that yet.

Hope you all are having a great week :]

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