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*picture from a prior shopping trip // Have you all tried Melona bars? Goodness.. they are amazing! 

I love grocery shopping. Absolutely love it. One of my favorite things to do is get up early on Saturday or Sunday morning - usually Sunday because everyone in the south is at church so I basically have the store to myself - and just walk up and down the aisles, drinking coffee and checking out new products.

Yesterday morning I woke up early and grabbed my list and coupons that I'd got together the night before and headed out on my marathon grocery trip. All these stores are close together minus Whole Foods. I started there first because it's usually the busiest and I wanted to shop there before the crowds came.

I don't know if any of you will even find this interesting at all, but I love seeing what people buy at the store. If any of you are fellow Livejournalers.. do you remember the "veggie_grocery" community? All it was were posts of what people bought at the grocery store along with the total of their purchase. No photos or anything fancy. And I loved it haha This post is definitely in the spirit of that community.

I'm also wanting to get a good idea of what I spend each month at the grocery store so that I'm able to reign it in a bit and realize any unnecessary purchases. It will be good to have a record here so that I'm able to keep track of everything. So, here's all the food I bought yesterday, in order of stores visited:

shopping trip on 2/10
total: $194.32
total excluding non-food items (probiotics, hand sanitizer, and math game): $159.32


- 2 shelf stable almond milks (one regular unsweetened and one chocolate)
- 2 bottles of hibiscus probiotic drinks
- package of Udi's whole grain bagels
- tempeh
- 2 boxes of Gardein beefless sliders
- 2 baby food pouches for Waves school snacks
- package of pancake and waffle mix
- 3 cans of diced tomatoes (not on the list, but on sale for $1 each)
- can of chickpeas
- can of black beans
- package of wild caught smoked salmon (the only thing Greg asked for)

I had $3.75 in coupons, $0.20 bring your own bag credit, and $6 on a gift card

total: $40.50

Mambo Sprouts had a lot of great coupons that I used. Check there before you go shopping and also look through the Whole Foods app as they have a section for coupons too.


- bottle of ginger kombucha (tasted like a cleaning product 😜 0/10 do not recommend)
- 2 frozen Amy's breakfast scramble wraps
- package of extra firm tofu
- 2 cucumbers
- 2 packages of blueberries (bogo!)
- red leaf lettuce
- bottle of probiotics - never tried this brand, but they were $31 with a $3 off coupon

I usually don't shop here, but I stopped by to see if they had elderberry syrup since Whole Foods didn't. I'm pretty sure every store is out at the moment. I spent a little too much here on the food items as I can get them much cheaper elsewhere but they always have great deals on probiotics and supplements so it's all good.

total: $53.80


- 2 boxes of ThinkThin protein bars (Love these.. only bars I like. Brownie crunch is my fave. Looks like they are much cheaper on Amazon, so I'll probably start buying there.)
- cheese pizza lunchable that Waves asked for
- 4 pouches of tuna in water
- 2 boxes of Annie's mac n' cheese (they usually have these on sale for $1 each - no luck today)
- 2 boxes of Special K protein cereal
- bag of pink lady apples
- can of Amy's organic spicy chili
- frozen Sweet Earth vegan protein lovers breakfast burrito
- 2 frozen Totino's pizzas
- a $3 math game for Waves in the dollar section

I had $4 in coupons. Target always surprises me since they can be much cheaper than other grocery stores in the area - especially if there's a good Cartwheel deal going on. Be sure to check Cartwheel when you shop here!

total: $41.73


- case of bottled water
- pineapple
- tub of nonfat Greek yogurt
- package of flatbread
- 2 thin pizza crusts with sauce
- juice boxes
- 4 cartons of egg whites
- hand sanitizer to keep in the car
- bag of oranges
- orange juice
- 2 cartons of almond milk
- cantaloupe
- shredded colby jack cheese
- ketchup
- Italian dressing
- tortilla chips
- sliced colby jack cheese
- hazelnut dark chocolate bar
- habanero salsa
- baby carrots
- bananas
- 3 green bell peppers
- 2 cucumbers
- box of protein cereal
- 2 dozen eggs

total: $58.09

I usually start my grocery trips with Aldi since they are sometimes out of a lot of things. That way I'm able to get what they didn't have at other stores. This time I didn't and it worked out. Here are some meals I'm planning on making this week:

breakfasts: egg white and cheese bagels // cereal with almond milk // breakfast burritos - I take these to work and heat in the microwave there // pancakes and waffles

lunches and dinners: baked potatoes with shredded cheese and the Amy's vegan chili on top // grilled cheese // make your own pizza // easy chana dal (already had most of these ingredients on hand) // salads // Mexican quinoa (Waves loves this)

snacks: protein bars (I only use these on days when Waves has a lot of activities going on after school) // Greek yogurt + fruit // cucumbers, tomatoes, baby carrots + ranch // fruit

I came home and immediately washed and cut up the lettuce and all the fruit except for the pineapple. I put it into the big one gallon rubbermaid tubs in the fridge. It makes snacks and packing lunch sooo much easier when I can just grab everything and it's already washed and cut up.

Hopefully we are set for the week. I'll have to make another trip then for more fruits and veggies so I won't have to spend that much on those trips. I'm also still keep zero waste in mind and am slowly trying to learn where I can get things with little to no packaging. I'm doing some research on that and will be sure to pass along any info I find.


  1. I love reading people's haul too! Sheesh I was on a hunt today for elderberry syrup and couldn't find it either. Off to Amazon I go!

    Juliette |

    1. They told me at the store that the manufacturer is out! Said flu season is so horrible this year that they can't keep up. It does look like some will be available soon on Amazon though.


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