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>>> I originally intended this to only be a "what I ate" post, but since the day took such an unusual turn I decided to turn it into a "day in the life" as well. I almost didn't post this because my eating got all weird in the middle of the day, but it's real life so whatev. Waves is feeling *much* better now, thankfully. 

8:30a » Waves and I woke up at 8am. I grabbed her a smoothie I'd made the night before out of the fridge and she watches some cartoons while she eats. They just added "Llama Llama" on Netflix and she's super into it right now. I take my thyroid meds, wait half an hour, and then have some coffee with collagen and almond milk.

I finished my coffee, cleaned up the living room, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, and helped Greg hang this new mail organizer/coat rack that I'd bought last week. Having backpacks, bags, scarves, and coats thrown on the floor or over chairs was driving me crazy.

I'd read a post over on Unf*ck Your Habitat about how most messes and clutter are just a result of not having enough or proper storage which is definitely true for us. So I have been buying pieces here and there to help with that.

10:45a » I realize that I'm pretty hungry and haven't had breakfast yet. I make an egg sandwich /// 2 pieces of Nature's Own protein bread, one egg, egg whites, avocado, and tomato + another cup of coffee with almond milk but no collagen.

12:40p » I have a big glass of water with these echinacea drops and one of these zinc tablets along with a mug of green ginger hot tea /// Waves was acting super sluggish which is very unusual for her.. so I checked her temperature - 100.5*. Her pediatrician's office was already closed for the day, so I checked into a nearby CVS clinic on my phone and waited for it to be our time to head over there.

1p » We're still waiting on our appointment and I make some Greek yogurt with blueberries. I've never used this service before, but they give you an exact time to show up so you can avoid having to wait in the store. **Note: when we got there we still had to wait about ~30 minutes. I figured they might get backed up, so I just checked in and we went back out into the car to wait. Just wanted to add that in case you end up using the online check-in in the future.

3:30p » Aaaand... we have a flu diagnosis. Finally home, gave Waves her medicine, and I sat down to eat a bowl of Special K protein cereal with almond milk real quick before fixing her something to eat and getting her comfy.

5p » Fiber One chocolate fudge brownie. These are really good, but so small.

It starts to go downhill right around here. Waves feels really bad and goes from being upset and crying about random things to being super clingy. Poor kiddo 😔 I feel so bad for her and do my best to comfort her.

5:40p » I make refried black beans, tomatoes, cheese, and Gardein beef crumbles with Cholula /// this is so not good haha I'd never had refried black beans before and am not a fan. It's a bummer too because regular refried beans with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and hot sauce are one of my top comfort foods and I was really wanting some comfort food right about now.

7:30p » All the medicine has kicked in, so Waves has an appetite and asks for chicken nuggets. I only have Morningstar ones on hand so I make those and go ahead and throw a few in the oven for myself as well. I eat those with bbq sauce.

8:30p » I place a Wal-Mart grocery pickup order (👈 referral link - we both get $10 off) for tomorrow to get some basics and things like juice, Italian ice, and Clorox wipes 😜

9p » We are all exhausted. Waves has already passed out on the couch and since I'm worried about her being on a new medicine and being so sick, I decide to camp out on the couch with her. I turn on an episode of Gilmore Girls, eat a serving of shelled pistachios, and play around on my phone a bit before passing out myself.

So, my macros are 2,000 calories /// 249g carbs /// 56g fat /// 125g protein and everything I had today added up to: 1,759 calories /// 190g carbs /// 58g fat /// 130g protein.

I really don't like relying so much on meat alternatives/soy products to reach my protein, but this day was hectic and I needed to reach my protein goal. The only thing I don't like about macro counting is that I feel like it's much easier to reach for packaged foods instead of fruits and veggies so I have to be really aware of that to make sure I'm eating a lot of those and meeting all my micronutrients as well. I didn't do well today, but am usually pretty good about it.

So, that was our day. I wish she wasn't sick at all, of course, but I'm glad this went down over the weekend so that I didn't have to find someone to cover me at work because that is super stressful for everyone. She's doing so much better and I've stocked up on probiotics, elderberry syrup, and vitamins for everyone 😜 I hope you all have a great weekend and stay healthy out there!

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