Weekend + Last Week's Workouts

On Saturday, I met up with a friend at the new Mean Mug location on the Northshore. I'd never been or had their coffee so I was really excited. I loved the coffee and their new space is gorgeous. So much natural light! It was super packed, but I managed to snag a table in the back when I got there. We hung out for a little over an hour and it was nice catching up. We were able to walk to the Whole Foods next door and do a mini grocery shopping trip afterwards.

aww, yissssss.
After we parted ways, I made a quick drive over the the Southside to pick up some food from Alex Thai. I got pad thai with tofu and pad thai with chicken for my husband. Last time we went there, I got a spice level 4.. but since I had to chug two bottles of water and eat pineapple to try to cool things off and still couldn't finish it because it was so spicy.. I have accepted that I just can't do it and now get a level 2 😜

Later that night, we noticed that the garage floor was wet and found out that the pipe to the washing machine had frozen and burst. We got a plumber to come out and they said they'd be able to fix it, but not until the next afternoon. And they had to shut the water off.. so we packed up and stayed the night at the new Westin hotel downtown.

The hotel and rooms were amazing and everyone that worked there were so nice. They have a late checkout on Sundays - 1pm - so it was perfect since the pipe and water leak couldn't be fixed until around that time anyway. The hotel had a nice Peet's coffee bar downstairs so we didn't have to leave all morning. We sat in the room watching tv, drinking coffee, and playing with the backpack full of necessities aka toys that Waves had packed :]

» workouts

Monday 1/15 » Yoga with Adriene Total Body Deep Stretch /// I just love this video. I've loved all of the Yoga with Adriene videos that I've done but this is definitely a favorite. Burned 216 calories.

Tuesday 1/16 » Cardio Kickboxing, Triceps, and Abs /// Another great workout this week! I really enjoyed the choreography and flow of this workout, so much so that I did it again on Thursday. I made it for about ~40 minutes and had to stop because I was done. Burned 363 calories.

Wednesday 1/17 » rest day

Thursday 1/18 » Cardio Kickboxing, Triceps, and Abs /// Such an awesome workout. This is the same one I did on Tuesday. Burned 293 calories.

Friday 1/19 » rest day

Saturday 1/20 » I didn't plan on this being a rest day, but about an hour before I was going to workout is when we found the flooding in the garage 😑

Sunday 1/21 » rest day /// we got home late and plumbers were in and out throughout the day and I was feeling lazy sooo.. impromptu rest day.

I didn't meet my goal of working out 5x this week. I'm still happy with the workouts that I did do, plus we had some warmer weather over the weekend so I was able to take Waves to the park and chase her around and be active for the most part.

I'm going to get back on track this week and hoping to make it to the gym at least once. Hope you all have a great week!

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