Sick Day /// At-Home Workout Time + a Playlist

Yesterday was.. long. We've been stuck in the house for three days and it's starting to get to us. I started yesterday morning by doing this workout I'd made up back when I had my old blog. It took me 33 minutes to finish and I burned 279 calories. It went by so fast which was wonderful. For the bicep curls, I used some 10 pound plates and subbed tricep dips for the kickbacks.

Here's a playlist I made awhile back that I usually listen to when I'm getting ready in the mornings, but it was really great to workout to yesterday. I always like finding new music to listen to so let me know if you like this or have any recommendations for me!

So, the photo on the left is what our living room has looked like for the past couple of days. Toys everywhere, legos just waiting for me to step on, laundry that needs to be put away, couch cushions in the floor - why can she not leave the cushions on the couch?! 😂 she doesn't even use them to play with.. just throws them onto the floor. Please tell me your kids do this too because I'm just like.. why??

I've been telling her to pick up whatever she's playing with before she moves on to the next thing, but homegirl has been stuck indoors for three days straight and is just all over the place. I finally cleaned it all up yesterday morning (and got most of the laundry done!) and right now it looks like something in between those two photos 😜

I redeemed my myself from my "What I Ate" post with this huge salad. Spring mix, tomatoes, cucumber, shredded cheese, and tempeh with Italian dressing. Wal-Mart has had the best spring mix lately. It's their store brand: marketside organic spring mix.

Wal-Mart also has something that I do not recommend whatsoever.. DO NOT BUY the ReliOn 2 second thermometer (<<< not an affiliate link or anything.. just want you to see which one it is). It is pure junk and consistently reads that our temperatures are 96* even with new batteries. It was saying that Waves had a temperature of 96* and when she went to the doctor it was 101.3* 😑

Yesterday around 5pm, I started feeling off.. so I ended up drinking half a bottle of children's elderberry syrup (throughout the rest of the night), mullein garlic oil in my ears, drinking a ton of water and hot tea, and eating 3 cloves of garlic. Now, I don't know if that was the right thing to do, but I panicked haha And I woke up not feeling any worse so I'm just going to go with it. Hopefully I can keep from getting sick! 

Pray4us over here.. I've resorted to letting Waves give her Barbie dolls haircuts just because it's keeping her busy for awhile. I'll be sure to share some more parenting tips in another post 😜 Take care and stay healthy out there!

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