Last Week's Workouts + Foam Rolling

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I love the new year. I love setting goals for myself and hearing everyone else's resolutions. This year I set very loose goals to make it easier for me to achieve. Usually, I'd jump right into strictly tracking food, working out hard, setting specific bed/wake up times - and I'd do all of this all at once.

This year, I decided that I was going to slowly start working out. And that's all at first. I made a goal to workout 5x a week and I stuck to it! After a couple more weeks of just working out, I will add in tracking macros again. I'm really happy and feel great about my workouts last week. I added how many calories my apple watch said I burned just to use as a guide in case you're curious. Here's the workouts that I did:

Monday 1/1 » Leslie Sansone Burn Body Fat 3 Mile Walk /// I love this workout! The addition of hand weights makes it so easy to challenge yourself and the workout goes by so quickly. This one burned 372 calories.

Tuesday 1/2 » Leslie Sansone Burn Body Fat 2 Mile Walk /// Another great one, but a lot shorter than the 3 mile walk. Burned 236 calories.

Wednesday 1/3 » POPSugar Killer Workout - burns 500 calories /// I really enjoyed this workout. It had a huge kickboxing element to it which I love and I felt really strong afterwards. This one burned 350 calories.

Thursday 1/4 » Leslie Sansone Burn Body Fat 3 Mile Walk /// Did the 3 mile walk again. If I ever feel like I just don't want to workout, I'll put this or the 2 mile walk on and promise myself just to get through 5 minutes. I (almost) always end up doing the entire thing. Burned 283 calories this time. I'm assuming it was so much less of a calorie burn because I ditched the weights this time.

Friday 1/5 » rest day

Saturday 1/6 » Leslie Sansone 3 Mile Walk w/Resistance Bands /// I actually really didn't enjoy this one at all. I made the most of it, but it just didn't feel challenging at all to me. I'm going to stick to the ones where she uses hand weights.

Sunday 1/7 » rest day

the trigger point therapy workbook

the trigger point therapy workbook

I've also been on top of foam rolling. Every single time I start working out seriously, after a week or two I will get horrible pain in my left shin. Every time. My sister-in-law recommended The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook to me and I bought a copy immediately. When I got the book, I looked up where my leg would hurt after workouts and it gave me points that I should focus on when I'm foam rolling or using a tennis ball to keep that area pain-free and so far, so good!

Hope you all are having a great new year so far :]

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