I Haven't Updated in Almost 3 Months & Here's What I've Been Up To

Well, even though I vowed to update this space often.. I skipped a few months.. sooo.. 😬 Here's what has been going on since my last update:
  • Waves graduated from preschool. It was super cute with little caps and gowns and everything. And now she starts kindergarten next month!!
  • I am now training to be a coffee roaster at work! It is so different from anything I've ever done and I am loving it. I ordered this book and can't wait for it to arrive.
  • We moved to a new place! I've been doing a lot of organizing and decorating. I came across this neat little tutorial for engineer prints and ended up doing the same thing in our living room. They turned out great, although a couple parts of the print can look a little wrinkly at certain angles due to the paper being so thin. I'm thinking I could spray glue it to foam to take care of that, but I ain't that worried about it 😜
  • I started a little resell shop over on Depop! 👉 depop.com/adorabledamage /// I sell some clothes I don't wear anymore, but it's mostly things I have thrifted. It's been fun so far and I'm just getting started so I'll be adding more items soon.
  • I enrolled in a weekly Spanish class and have been studying a lot. Waves has been taking Spanish all summer, so I wanted to learn as well and whew.. it's tough! The class is two hours long and I am so mentally drained afterwards.. it's crazy. 
And here's some other random things and nice pictures:

I've become addicted to the recipes over on Vegan Richa! I think that I've made all her Instant Pot recipes and they've all turned out so well! I made this pad thai, which is actually from the Everyday Vegan Eats book, but she reviewed it on her site. It is so great!

Can't beat coffee and beautiful flowers! We've been getting some incredible coffees in the shop which means lots of tastings and it's totally okay with me.

Waves went to a birthday party at High Point Climbing Gym and she is now obsessed. She asks every day if we can go climbing again. Chattanooga is well known for its climbing scene - this article goes into more detail - so there's plenty of great spots for it. 

That's really all we've been up to lately. It's been a busy and fun summer that is going by way too fast. I hope you all have been doing well!

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