St. Petersburg, Florida

We took a trip to St. Petersburg during Waves' spring break and we loved it. None of us had been to this area before but we loved the laid back vibe, great restaurants, and how close it was to Tampa (which we actually didn't end up visiting because there was so much in St. Pete). And the reason we chose the St. Pete area? Well, I heard there was a Frida Kahlo exhibit at The Dali Museum and there is a beach nearby.. sooo.. it just made sense 😜

We booked an Airbnb and since it was the first time I'd used it I was pretty nervous. Everything was super smooth though and the place was great. It was very clean, bright, and the fridge and microwave was great to have. There's no stove/oven here, but there is one one of the other two rentals on the property. It's three little rentals all connected and that was actually really nice since the people next to us also had a four year old daughter so they were able to play together in the fenced in yard.

It had this amazing fenced in yard with all kinds of fruit trees, a grill, huge patio tables, and little teeny tiny lizards running around which Waves loved. It was also half a block away from the main strip so there were a ton of shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries within a two minute walk.

And it was literally a two or three minute walk to Upham Beach which was beautiful and never crowded. Don't let the few negative reviews on Trip Advisor steer you away from this beach.. it was really a great beach. White, powdery sand and a TON of shells. Waves was in heaven since finding cool shells was the #1 thing she wanted to do.

Seriously.. look how many shells! It was like this up and down the entire shore. It was crazy!

A stop by The Dali Museum was a must, of course. It is a little pricey to get in, but SO WORTH IT! I still can't believe that I was able to see so many of Frida Kahlo's original paintings, drawings, journals, and personal photos. It was really incredible. 

And while I 'd always enjoyed Dali's work, I'd never been able to see it up close and I was blown away, you guys. The detail in his smaller paintings and the scale of his larger works was just amazing. I was worried about how Waves would do here and they actually had a scavenger hunt for kids. They had to find certain paintings and check them off their list and when they found them all they got a prize. This kept her busy for a bit, although we didn't get to stay as long as we'd like to or do the audio tour since she got bored pretty quickly. But she had a great time and got to see some great artwork!

Outside in the garden they have this huge tree with ribbons hanging off the branches and everyone ties their wristband to it when they are ready to leave. It was pretty neat. They also had some small mazes which you can see right behind the tree up there. 

Also, the cafe in the museum serves some awesome coffee from Kahwa Coffee and their magdalenas are incredible! If they have them there, get one! I didn't order food, but did get Waves a turkey wrap from the kids menu there and it looked really good and she ate most of it. Prices are really reasonable too.

One of the best things we did was take a ride on this Dolphin Racer Speedboat. Captain Dalton led our trip and he was awesome! He was really funny, answered everyone's questions, and told us a lot about dolphins and history about St. Petersburg which was cool.

So basically, we rode around and whenever someone spotted some dolphins, he would make waves in the water that the dolphins liked to play in. It was crazy! The yellow part in the picture up there is the very back of the boat so you can see just how close they were to us! I didn't zoom in at all for that photo!

We were out on the water for about an hour and a half and it flew by. I highly recommend this trip. It was just too neat! And if you end up at the Dali Museum, there was a little booth by the entrance that had brochures and things for area attractions. Dolphin Racer has a mini brochure there that has a $2 off coupon for the ride. 👍 Check out the video I took during our trip:

Here are some of our favorite restaurants near the Airbnb we stayed at:

La Casa del Pane - An Italian bakery that serves awesome Americanos. Their chocolate pastry, plain croissant, and cheese pastry are really good! We stopped by here every morning for coffee and something sweet before heading to the beach.

Barracuda Deli Cafe - Greg said the Cuban sandwich was one of the best he's had and they made some delicious veggie enchiladas for me. They also have great 2/$5 margaritas in a few different flavors. Super nice people working here and a nice vibe.

Nori Thai and Sushi - We had some amaaaazing food here one night. We went here twice during our stay and got takeout both times. I went with the pad thai with tofu - level 4 hot and it was good. Crazy spicy and huge portions. Loved it. Greg went with the spicy basil shrimp and chicken and said it was great. Springs rolls were also awesome.

1200 Chophouse - We stopped by here because Greg really wanted steak. This is a cute little spot with fantastic service. This place is called "carnivore's paradise" and being vegetarian I was worried I wouldn't find anything to eat, but they made me a great house salad and baked potato with butter and sour cream. They went out of their way for me for sure and I really appreciated it. Great place!

That's all I've got right now, but if I think of anything else I'll be sure to add it to the post. We mostly hung out at the beach and ate a lot of food which is the perfect vacation if you ask me 😜


  1. wow thats unbelievable what a great view you got of those dolphins!! How amazing. Looks like a great trip

  2. How fun!! My husband spent a lot of summer and spring breaks at St. Pete and has really fond memories. It looks amazing!

    1. It was an awesome place! Have you ever been? It was really laid back when we were there which was nice.


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