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A  few days ago, a woman came into the coffee shop and she had on the coolest glasses! I asked her where she got them and she told me Zenni Optical. She even gave me the product number off of them and I went straight home and ordered these babies.

I was a little worried ordering from Zenni since there were mixed reviews online, but the entire process was so easy. The glasses came within three weeks and the quality is great! These frames were only $9.95, but I had to add $19.95 for high index lenses (heeeello terrible eyesight!) and an extra charge of $9.95 because my pupillary distance didn't match these frames. In the end, I had an awesome pair of glasses for $40 - you can't beat that!

Here is a link to their refer a friend program. If you purchase frames through that link you'll get $5 off and I'll get $5 credit to my account. I highly recommend Zenni and actually ordered this pair last night. If you have any questions about my experience just let me know!

I'm still loving packing Waves' lunches and we are still loving the Yumbox lunchbox. To make packing lunch easier, I make a big pot of pasta and sauce on Monday and then use that for the main part of her lunch during the week. She only goes to school Tuesday-Thursday so it stays good. In the treat compartment I put a gummy vitamin, gummy probiotic, and a couple of marshmallows.

The Chobani yogurt tubes fit perfectly in the dairy compartment, by the way. The white cubes in the bottom left corner is plain tofu which she loves for some reason.

Waves is super into those dig diamond kits (I recommend this one - it's big and has a lot of crystals in it). She bought this Dig Emerald one for $5 at Target the other day that said you had a 1 in 28 chance of getting a real emerald and I'll be damned if she didn't get one! It is that tiny little green chip haha but she was so excited!

I have super thick hair and Waves' hair is really curly and it's always such a pain to brush. While the wet brush does a great job on its own - seriously you have to get one - this curly creme conditioner is INCREDIBLE! I found out about it because my sister uses on her kids hair and I tried some while I was at her place one day. It makes my hair super soft and so easy to brush through. I picked mine up at Wal-Mart for ~$5.

When I'm working at the coffee shop, I stick to black coffee or cold brew. But I was at Target the other day and the signage for the iced coconut milk mocha macchiato got to me.. so I got one with half the amount of syrups added. And it was amazing.

Aldi has these latching tupperware sets for $4 right now and they are AWESOME! They hold so much food and save space in the fridge. It's great to keep a bunch of washed and prepped fruits and vegetables in for whenever Waves wants a snack. I used it on our road trip to Florida so that we could make subs and have snack and wouldn't have to stop at any restaurants.

As you can see, my life revolves around food and drinks 😜 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. How exciting for her that she got a little emerald! I usually don't like the starbucks mocha its kinda chalky to me.. but is the new one really good!?


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