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Waves loooves to draw, paint, cut out paper/glue it together, color.. just creating and she will happily do it all day long. I made a little "art studio" for her in the corner of the living room. It has a table, chair, shelves and buckets full of supplies and some hooks and string with clothespins for her to hang up whatever artwork she wants to. She did this drawing yesterday and it's just so sweet to look at. I love it.

Wal-Mart Online Grocery Pickup. Oooh man.. I love this service! I'm planning on writing an entire post about it, but wanted to mention it here because it's seriously made my week. I'm able to create a meal plan, write a list of ingredients I need, then go to the app and select everything I need. I get to see exactly how much it will be AND no impulse buying which makes it amazing for keeping our budget in line.

All you do is place your order and select the time slot you'd like to pick up your groceries in. They send you a message when your order is ready and you can either call or check-in on the app letting them know you're on your way. When you get there, park in a numbered pick-up spot, and call the number on the parking sign letting them know what number spot you're in and your name and they bring out your order and load it up in your car. It's seriously the best!

Here's my referral link where you get $10 off your first grocery purchase of $50 or more and then I'll get $10 off groceries too 👍

Instant Pot Baked Potatoes. Baked potatoes that taste like they were baked in the oven.. but really only took 20 minutes in the Instant Pot? Yes, plz 🙌 I mix my potatoes with avocado, salt, pepper, and hot sauce and they are amazing.

This answer from Steak over at steak talk:

Anonymous: Steak, can guys take a hint ?

Overall I think it’s super selfish to assume anyone can take a hint because your are assuming that your wants needs and thoughts are prioritized in someone else’s brain over theirs + daily life and stress. If you want something, ask for it. Ain’t nobody got time for these games.

The Tennessee Aquarium. We renewed our membership and spent a day there last weekend. This picture is at the lake sturgeon touch tank that Waves loves to stop and hang out at.

VHS Collection - Ghost

This stuff is amaaaaaaaaaazing! It's like a mix of kinetic sand and play-doh without the horrifying mess. Waves played with it for over an hour and a half and I will totally admit that I played with it for just as long.. probably longer 😂 I love this stuff! Check out videos of it on YouTube or Instagram to see just how awesome it really is.

That's all I've got for now. I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. wow so cool I didn't know they had this grocery service at walmart! Does it cost money to use it? I love aquariums! Its so good for kids to have that practice learning how to be nice and kind to animals and pet them gently! A lot of kids where I am don't learn that and are very rough with puppies (most common animal around by far) and I'm trying to teach them how to be nicer to animals.

    1. Nope, it's totally free! And the prices of the groceries aren't marked up or anything. They're the same price as if you went in the store to shop. It's amazing.

      Yeah, the employees at the aquarium are constantly reminding kids to be gentle and only use two fingers to touch the fish. We've been going to the aquarium since she was a two years old so she has that down :)

  2. Walmart Grocery is the bomb! I have been able to stick to my budget because of this service and I don't have to deal with the kids tantrums. If I could give them ten stars I would! Did you know Kroger charges you after the first three pickups :(

    1. I would give it ten stars as well! It's amazing! We don't have Krogers here in Chattanooga so I didn't even know that they did pickups now. That stinks about charging. If a competitor isn't charging it doesn't make sense to add a fee. Is there something Kroger does different or better? Maybe like same day pickup?

  3. I have used their service only once so far and that was when Walmart was out of time slots. The good thing was they had same day pick up available. I am saving the free ones for days when I have not pre-planned and need same day pick up.


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