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Since this blog is new, I wanted to tell you all a little bit about myself so things make sense when I blog about them. I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee with my husband, Greg, and our 4 year old daughter, Waves (nickname).

My degree is in graphic design and I still freelance occasionally. We were living in Knoxville (where I was born & raised) when I quit my design job right before I had my daughter and I became a stay-at-home-mom. We ended up moving to Chattanooga in 2014 for my husband's job.

I have been working at a coffee roasters in Chattanooga since November 2015. I started out as a barista and I now do a little marketing, designing, and am a part-time barista. I really love coffee and making drinks because it's so much fun and the customers are fantastic, so I'm behind the counter three days a week.

I used to have a blog called Working Out & Eating In where I wrote about food and workouts, but I wanted to blog about way more than just that so I closed it and started this one up. I noticed that I still seem to gravitate towards posting about food, but now I can include some other different posts like family things, my hobbies (painting, thrifting, coffee), and my daily life. I really miss blogs where you just got to see someone else's day and not only informational posts.. and that's what I'd love for this blog to be like.

So there's a little bit about me! Thanks for reading the blog and I hope you enjoy it 😀


Yesterday was a super busy day at work since we had a lot of orders to fill. My coworker roasted while I bagged up coffee, made 200+ quick brews (check these out.. they're so neat!), picked up our milk order, and filled coffee/quick brew orders.

After I picked Waves up from preschool, she asked if we could go to the thrift store to spend some of her chore money. So we headed there, but she didn't find anything she wanted so we went to the Dollar Tree instead. Halloween is definitely my favorite time to visit stores, but man.. Valentine's is up there for sure. I love all the pink and red and hearts.. LOVE. IT.

She ended up getting a cute little mailbox to put Valentine's cards in and these little balloon-type things that inflate when you hit them. Have you guys seen these? She first watched them on one of those crazy surprise egg type videos and now she wants them all the time.

Waves and I have been loving zucchini "noodles" with marinara sauce (I add beyond beef crumbles to mine). I have to recommend the spiralizer that I picked up at Aldi. It was like $4 and works amazingly well. One side makes thin noodles and the other makes thicker ones. The picture up there is from the thinner side.

This morning was pretty awesome because I was able to score tickets for the Dave Chappelle show here in February! I really didn't think I'd be able to get any because I knew it was going to sell out super fast, but somehow I did. I can't wait for the show!

Waves and I went grocery shopping today and just a head's up that Earth Fare has 25% off all supplements this weekend. I was able to get a multivitamin and these probiotic gummies and save $6 in the process which was nice.

Okay.. I need to get moving and do some laundry, clean up a bit, and then we are headed outside to play because it is 65* here today 😳 We are definitely going to enjoy it! Hope you have a great day!


  1. I took a short barista course and I loved it! I really wanted to work but every cafe that advertise a job opening wants someone with years of job experience 😭 any tips on how to start working with no experience?

    1. I'm wanting to make sure you got my reply! For some reason, it posted as a new comment rather than a reply to yours.

  2. Oh, that's really cool! They may advertise that they want someone with a ton of experience, but if you show them how passionate you are about coffee and you're willing to learn then they will definitely give you a chance! I would become a regular in the shop you're interested in and get to know the people there. Let them know how interested you are and submit an application where you state how motivated you are to work in a shop and the barista course you took. In the meantime, learn as much as you can about coffee! There's a great group on Facebook called Barista Hustle >>>https://www.facebook.com/groups/baristahustle/

    You should also ask this question there in that group because there are a lot of extremely knowledgeable people in there. Good luck!!!


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