A Full Day of IIFYM Meals

Here's what I ate yesterday (Sunday, January 8th):

coffee with collagen and toast with nutella >>> coffee with almond milk and 3g of Great Lakes collagen mixed in, plus a slice of toast with 5g of nutella.

overnight oats >>> 55g oats, 31g optimum nutrition double rich chocolate protein powder (this stuff is awesome in oatmeal!), 8g chia seeds, 5g shredded coconut, 175ml unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I'm assuming it was the coconut.. but honestly this tasted/smelled like play-doh haha. I don't think I'll be adding the coconut again 😜

coffee with collagen and chocolate >>> 3g of collagen mixed into coffee and 22g of chocolate. I love these chocolate bars! They are $2 at Aldi and have great macros. One serving (17g) has 100 calories and 8g carbs / 6g fat / 1g protein.

fruit and cheese >>> oranges, blackberries, and a mozzarella string cheese stick

kashi dark chocolate mocha bar >>> I was out running errands, got pretty hungry, and wasn't prepared. So while I was at Target I bought a box of these and ate one before going to Aldi.

egg sandwich >>> english muffin, 115g egg whites, one slice of pepper jack cheese

zucchini spirals with beyond meat beef crumbles and ragu garden combination sauce >>> 73g of zucchini, 55g of beyond meat beefy crumbles, 90g of ragu pasta sauce. These beef crumbles are a great source of protein and they are soy, dairy, and gluten-free! I use them in pasta or for nachos. Good stuff!

bowl of chili >>> vegan chili with lettuce, fritos, greek yogurt, and cholula

My macros are 191g carbs / 47g fat / 127g protein and I ended the day with 188g carbs / 49g fat / 107g protein.

My only issue with IIFYM is that I have to really work to get more veggies in. That's something I need to be better at for sure. I still hit my micros and fiber so I'm doing well there.. just need more veggies! This was my fourth day back to tracking macros and I'm already feeling better and getting the hang of things again.


  1. When I started doing this,I thought going overboard on carbs would be so easy, but it is actually protein that is my problem area. I always fall short and mostly always max out on fats.

  2. What are your macros? I really have to watch my fat and work to get in all my protein too. Collagen mixed with tea is good - 12g protein in two tablespoons, Trader Joe's makes a high protein tofu, Greek yogurt, tuna packets, egg whites. Those are all no/low fat too. They're boring but they fit haha


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