A Full Day of IIFYM Meals

I got carried away over the holidays, so I'm back to tracking my macros starting today. I used the flexible dieting IIFYM calculator over at Healthy Eater to figure out my numbers. My current macros are 1,696 calories / 127g protein / 191g carbs / 47g fat.

Here's what I ate today:

overnight oats >>> 55g oats, 31g optimum nutrition double rich chocolate protein powder, 8g hemp seeds, 196ml of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I mix all the dry ingredients together really well and then add the milk, stick in the fridge overnight, and breakfast is ready in the morning!

coffee with collagen >>> This brand of collagen was recommend in the Autoimmune Solution book I read last month in regards to gut (anyone else hate that word?) health. I've been mixing it into my coffee for about a week now and it truly completely dissolves and has no taste.

stir-fry >>> 153g sprouted tofu, 62g broccoli, 46g peas and carrots, 43g green bell pepper, 26g island soyaki sauce

yogurt >>> 166g greek yogurt and 70g blackberries

coffee and chocolate >>> coffee with 6g collagen and 22g chocolate

chili >>> I make chili with vegetable juice, chili beans, black beans, kidney beans, chili powder, and cumin. Then I top it with all kinds of good stuff! 274g chili, 28g fritos, 112g greek yogurt, 38g shredded lettuce, 25g cholula. Then I had another bowl with lettuce and greek yogurt - no fritos. I used this tutorial to figure out how to input a recipe on MyFitnessPal into grams.

halo top >>> Um, I tried the s'mores flavor the other day and it was amazing. New favorite for sure. When I went to the store after work today they didn't have that one so I grabbed my second favorite - birthday cake. 120g.

I ended the day with 134g protein / 183g carbs / 43g fat / 42g fiber / 56g sugar and met all my micronutrients (I take a multivitamin and probiotics daily).


  1. I am trying to lose weight using the macros approach as well. Today was Day 1 and honestly I feel good.

  2. You'll love it, Priyanka! I followed macros really closely for about a month and a half last year and got really great results from it. There's a Facebook group called "IIFYM Women" and it has been really helpful and motivating. Your food on Instagram always looks so good :] I know I'll get some great meal ideas from you!


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