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I have been having way too much fun packing lunches for school! It's been a lot of fun for me and my daughter says she can't wait to open her lunchbox and see what's in it each day :]

Before she started school, I stressed a bit about which lunchbox to get her and I ended up going with this Yumbox (affiliate link) and I couldn't be happier with it! I was worried it would be too small to fit enough food for her, but it's really a perfect size and I love how each section is labeled "protein", "dairy", "vegetables", etc. as it helps me brainstorm when planning her lunches so I don't just put a bunch of fruit in there 😜

The only issue I had with the Yumbox is that I put some rather thin Greek yogurt in the dairy compartment once and it did leak a bit, but now I just put yogurt in a separate container in her lunch bag if she wants some for lunch. Small issue, but I wanted to mention it. One thing I worried about was if it'd keep her food cold since her classroom doesn't have a fridge and the container just hangs out in a cubby until lunch time. I make her lunch the night before and keep it in the fridge overnight and  her teachers say her food is still cold at lunchtime - I don't even use an icepack anymore.

Her class learns a different letter each week, so I bought these mini abc cookie cutters at Wal-Mart so that her lunch would have a little snack in the shape of the letter of the week. I wouldn't recommend these cookie cutters since they're made for cookie dough and will only cut really soft foods like cucumber or cheese. They work well to stamp the letter shape into sandwiches though which works too. These metal cookie cutters (affiliate link) look like they'd be much better. 

I do recommend these sandwich cutters (affiliate link) though as they are super cute and work really well! Wal-Mart had some really cute heart, star, and flower cutters for under $1 back in the party supplies section.

Here are some of her favorite things I pack:
- cheese sandwich (she hates peanut butter and is not thrilled with sunflower butter, sooo..)
- frozen peas
- pickles
- cucumber slices
- three cheese mini pizzas from Whole Foods fit perfectly in the main compartment and she really likes them. They are in the freezer section with all the other pizzas.
- edamame
- a chocolate square and graham crackers
- frozen blueberries
- broccoli
- clementines
- plain, cold tofu (she loves this for some reason)
- bell peppers

There are some excellent posts on Pinterest if you search "Yumbox lunches". Waves is in a bit of a picky stage at the moment, but really loves fruit and veggies so I just say whatever and don't worry about mixing it up too much or getting too fancy with lunches. I'd love to hear what you guys pack in your kid's lunches as I love getting new ideas!

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