Grocery Haul + Meal Ideas

*picture from a prior shopping trip // Have you all tried Melona bars? Goodness.. they are amazing! 

I love grocery shopping. Absolutely love it. One of my favorite things to do is get up early on Saturday or Sunday morning - usually Sunday because everyone in the south is at church so I basically have the store to myself - and just walk up and down the aisles, drinking coffee and checking out new products.

Yesterday morning I woke up early and grabbed my list and coupons that I'd got together the night before and headed out on my marathon grocery trip. All these stores are close together minus Whole Foods. I started there first because it's usually the busiest and I wanted to shop there before the crowds came.

I don't know if any of you will even find this interesting at all, but I love seeing what people buy at the store. If any of you are fellow Livejournalers.. do you remember the "veggie_grocery" community? All it was were posts of what people bought at the grocery store along with the total of their purchase. No photos or anything fancy. And I loved it haha This post is definitely in the spirit of that community.

I'm also wanting to get a good idea of what I spend each month at the grocery store so that I'm able to reign it in a bit and realize any unnecessary purchases. It will be good to have a record here so that I'm able to keep track of everything. So, here's all the food I bought yesterday, in order of stores visited:

shopping trip on 2/10
total: $194.32
total excluding non-food items (probiotics, hand sanitizer, and math game): $159.32


- 2 shelf stable almond milks (one regular unsweetened and one chocolate)
- 2 bottles of hibiscus probiotic drinks
- package of Udi's whole grain bagels
- tempeh
- 2 boxes of Gardein beefless sliders
- 2 baby food pouches for Waves school snacks
- package of pancake and waffle mix
- 3 cans of diced tomatoes (not on the list, but on sale for $1 each)
- can of chickpeas
- can of black beans
- package of wild caught smoked salmon (the only thing Greg asked for)

I had $3.75 in coupons, $0.20 bring your own bag credit, and $6 on a gift card

total: $40.50

Mambo Sprouts had a lot of great coupons that I used. Check there before you go shopping and also look through the Whole Foods app as they have a section for coupons too.


- bottle of ginger kombucha (tasted like a cleaning product 😜 0/10 do not recommend)
- 2 frozen Amy's breakfast scramble wraps
- package of extra firm tofu
- 2 cucumbers
- 2 packages of blueberries (bogo!)
- red leaf lettuce
- bottle of probiotics - never tried this brand, but they were $31 with a $3 off coupon

I usually don't shop here, but I stopped by to see if they had elderberry syrup since Whole Foods didn't. I'm pretty sure every store is out at the moment. I spent a little too much here on the food items as I can get them much cheaper elsewhere but they always have great deals on probiotics and supplements so it's all good.

total: $53.80


- 2 boxes of ThinkThin protein bars (Love these.. only bars I like. Brownie crunch is my fave. Looks like they are much cheaper on Amazon, so I'll probably start buying there.)
- cheese pizza lunchable that Waves asked for
- 4 pouches of tuna in water
- 2 boxes of Annie's mac n' cheese (they usually have these on sale for $1 each - no luck today)
- 2 boxes of Special K protein cereal
- bag of pink lady apples
- can of Amy's organic spicy chili
- frozen Sweet Earth vegan protein lovers breakfast burrito
- 2 frozen Totino's pizzas
- a $3 math game for Waves in the dollar section

I had $4 in coupons. Target always surprises me since they can be much cheaper than other grocery stores in the area - especially if there's a good Cartwheel deal going on. Be sure to check Cartwheel when you shop here!

total: $41.73


- case of bottled water
- pineapple
- tub of nonfat Greek yogurt
- package of flatbread
- 2 thin pizza crusts with sauce
- juice boxes
- 4 cartons of egg whites
- hand sanitizer to keep in the car
- bag of oranges
- orange juice
- 2 cartons of almond milk
- cantaloupe
- shredded colby jack cheese
- ketchup
- Italian dressing
- tortilla chips
- sliced colby jack cheese
- hazelnut dark chocolate bar
- habanero salsa
- baby carrots
- bananas
- 3 green bell peppers
- 2 cucumbers
- box of protein cereal
- 2 dozen eggs

total: $58.09

I usually start my grocery trips with Aldi since they are sometimes out of a lot of things. That way I'm able to get what they didn't have at other stores. This time I didn't and it worked out. Here are some meals I'm planning on making this week:

breakfasts: egg white and cheese bagels // cereal with almond milk // breakfast burritos - I take these to work and heat in the microwave there // pancakes and waffles

lunches and dinners: baked potatoes with shredded cheese and the Amy's vegan chili on top // grilled cheese // make your own pizza // easy chana dal (already had most of these ingredients on hand) // salads // Mexican quinoa (Waves loves this)

snacks: protein bars (I only use these on days when Waves has a lot of activities going on after school) // Greek yogurt + fruit // cucumbers, tomatoes, baby carrots + ranch // fruit

I came home and immediately washed and cut up the lettuce and all the fruit except for the pineapple. I put it into the big one gallon rubbermaid tubs in the fridge. It makes snacks and packing lunch sooo much easier when I can just grab everything and it's already washed and cut up.

Hopefully we are set for the week. I'll have to make another trip then for more fruits and veggies so I won't have to spend that much on those trips. I'm also still keep zero waste in mind and am slowly trying to learn where I can get things with little to no packaging. I'm doing some research on that and will be sure to pass along any info I find.

Last Week's Workouts + Grocery Haul + Kid Lunches

Last week was for sure not the greatest when it came to getting my workout in. Waves was sick, Greg was out of town, I had to work, I was worried I was going to get sick.. excuses, but at the time I was finding it difficult to make time for workouts. I'm doing much better this week and feeling awesome.

I did my favorite Yoga with Adriene video after I dropped Waves off at school on Monday and it felt good. Yesterday was a rest day because I was exhausted after work. I got no sleep at all the night before due to Waves wanting to be right next to me, tossing and turning, a kick right to the face after she somehow did a 180 turn in the middle of the night.. aaaaand then my alarm went off at 4:45am for me to get ready for work 😭

Anyway, like I said.. not much to report on about last week, but I did make up a couple of workouts that I enjoyed so I wanted to share:

Sunday 1/28

no workout

Monday 1/29

This total body workout I made up. Took 33 minutes and burned 279 calories.

Tuesday 1/30

no workout

Wednesday 1/31 

no workout

Thursday 2/1

no workout

Friday 2/2 

20 minute amrap workout

I did this 20 minute AMRAP workout that I wrote out quickly. I warmed up, set a timer for 20 minutes, and then went through all the moves as many times as I could before the timer went off. I definitely took a few rest breaks in there. Burned 227 calories.

Saturday 2/3

no workout

whole foods grocery haul

I made a quick stop at Whole Foods today after Waves had a sports thing since I needed some basics for her lunches. I bought some fruits and veggies, cheese, and pouches for snacks at school. There were also some things in the bottom of the cart - almond milk, some candy from the bulk bins that Waves wanted to try, a giant jug of hand soap refill (the 365 brand of foaming grapefruit soap is awesome), crackers, and...

...some of these mini Gardein burgers. I was pretty sure these would fit in the Yumbox lunchbox and I was right, thank goodness! They fit perfectly. Waves had never had these before, but I heated one up for dinner so she could try it since I didn't want to pack something she didn't like and then be hungry.. but she really loved them. They took less than a minute to heat up in the microwave so these will be a good option for when I need to make her lunch quickly.

kid lunch - yumbox

I love getting new ideas for her lunches - which is why I was checking the #yumbox #schoolunch #schoollunchideas tags on Instagram for a good half an hour today - so I wanted to share what I've been packing lately.

This lunch was a bear shaped cheese sandwich that I had to smush in there to fit - I used the bear shape from this sandwich cutter set.. love these! and plain tofu cubes, cucumber, grape tomatoes, bell pepper, carrots, and strawberries. There are mini marshmallows in the treat compartment (the little round part on the middle right).

kid lunches - yumbox

Let me tell you, making a box of mac 'n cheese and having it in the fridge is such a lifesaver when you just don't know what to pack. This lunch is Annie's macaroni and cheese with peas, plain tofu, green beans, strawberries, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, and mini marshmallows and a probiotic gummy in the treat compartment.

kids lunch - yumbox

This lunch is for tomorrow and has one of the burgers from above, crackers with sliced colby jack cheese underneath, bell peppers, chickpeas, blueberries and strawberries with heart shaped cheese 😜, grape tomatoes and cucumbers, and mini marshmallows with some candy from the Whole Foods bulk bins.

The lunchbox is this style of Yumbox that we originally bought when she started preschool. I wasn't sure if it would be good for kindergarten too since her appetite might be much larger.. but it has been great. You can really fit a lot of food in there, plus I can just add things in a separate baggie or container if I feel that she needs more food though I haven't had to do that yet.

Hope you all are having a great week :]

Zero Waste Living

Guys, over the weekend I got completely sucked into the world of zero waste blogs. It all started when I clicked on this post over at the blogsnark subreddit. I really fell in love with Paris To Go and Litterless. They make it seem easy and doable while not going for an "all or nothing" sort of approach. It's more.. do what you can do.

Growing up working in restaurants you get used to all the waste - both from customers and within the restaurant itself, like all the cardboard on truck delivery days - and when you really pay attention to it, it's insane. Whenever I would gather up all the full trashbags to take to the garbage cans, I'd think about all the restaurants and businesses in the world that are producing the same amount of trash and how incredibly huge and really scary that is.

The things we throw away each week in my home are no better. While we do recycle as much as we can, what if I changed the way our family shopped so that there was no trash to recycle or throw away in the first place? I've already made a few changes that I think are a step in the right direction.

red leaf lettuce

// buying heads of lettuce instead of boxed spring mix

Not does this help reduce waste but it is also much cheaper! I usually buy those big plastic tubs of spring mix for $5 or $6 and sometimes it can be really hit or miss to how good they are or how long before it goes weird and slimy on you. 

This grocery trip I changed things up and bought a giant head of red leaf lettuce (in no packaging!) for $1.62, brought it home, washed it and ran it through the salad spinner, chopped it up, and put it into a big tub in the fridge. Yes, this is a lot more work but the lettuce has held up really well and is all nice and crisp even after three days.

Ways I could make this better? Buy some of these cotton produce bags instead of using the plastic bags at the grocery store and instead of lining the bottom of the tub with a paper towel like I did above, use a dish cloth.

ecolunchbox zero waste container

// bringing along my own to-go box 

I used to be so good about this but got out of the habit somehow. We went to eat Thai food over the weekend and needed two to-go boxes for leftovers. They were styrofoam and it felt like such a waste when I could just of easily brought a container from home.

My favorite containers are these leak-proof, stainless steel bento boxes by ECOlunchbox. They have them on Amazon along with a ton of other great looking options, but there's a really great bundle deal right now over on their website. I use these right now to send snacks to school for Waves and she has no problem opening and closing them which is a big plus too.

They are truly leak-proof yet keep in mind that I haven't ever put anything like soup or something in it before. I have put thicker dressings like ranch in the smaller container and it didn't leak.

// reusing glass bottles and jars

Although I would love to eventually get away from buying a majority of my groceries in packaging like glass jars, I think it will take awhile to get to that point so for now I'm going to reuse those containers for food storage.

I've read that some grocery stores will even let you bring in clean, empty glass jars to use for foods in the bulk bins. Definitely call ahead before doing so because some stores/states consider it a health code violation. 

So, those are a few things I've been doing in order to jumpstart this new way of thinking and buying. There are a lot more areas I need to work on - such as figuring out what to do about the Wal-Mart grocery pickups that I rely on. On one hand, they save me money by eliminating impulse buys.. but they also package each individual thing into its own plastic bag. Yeah, you read that right. I understand why it's done, but I'd love if it could just be brought out into the bins and then into my own reusable bags. I've been donating the bags to our local library so they can put checked out materials into them when it rains and you can bring the bags back to Wal-Mart to be recycled.. but back to my thought of how nice it'd be if there was no waste at all.

Anyway, I'd love to hear what you think about all this, if it's interesting, something you're already putting into action, or any tips/tricks/websites/product recommendations. Litterless has a great state-by-state guide on where to shop if you're looking to get into this as well.

Sick Day /// At-Home Workout Time + a Playlist

Yesterday was.. long. We've been stuck in the house for three days and it's starting to get to us. I started yesterday morning by doing this workout I'd made up back when I had my old blog. It took me 33 minutes to finish and I burned 279 calories. It went by so fast which was wonderful. For the bicep curls, I used some 10 pound plates and subbed tricep dips for the kickbacks.

Here's a playlist I made awhile back that I usually listen to when I'm getting ready in the mornings, but it was really great to workout to yesterday. I always like finding new music to listen to so let me know if you like this or have any recommendations for me!

So, the photo on the left is what our living room has looked like for the past couple of days. Toys everywhere, legos just waiting for me to step on, laundry that needs to be put away, couch cushions in the floor - why can she not leave the cushions on the couch?! 😂 she doesn't even use them to play with.. just throws them onto the floor. Please tell me your kids do this too because I'm just like.. why??

I've been telling her to pick up whatever she's playing with before she moves on to the next thing, but homegirl has been stuck indoors for three days straight and is just all over the place. I finally cleaned it all up yesterday morning (and got most of the laundry done!) and right now it looks like something in between those two photos 😜

I redeemed my myself from my "What I Ate" post with this huge salad. Spring mix, tomatoes, cucumber, shredded cheese, and tempeh with Italian dressing. Wal-Mart has had the best spring mix lately. It's their store brand: marketside organic spring mix.

Wal-Mart also has something that I do not recommend whatsoever.. DO NOT BUY the ReliOn 2 second thermometer (<<< not an affiliate link or anything.. just want you to see which one it is). It is pure junk and consistently reads that our temperatures are 96* even with new batteries. It was saying that Waves had a temperature of 96* and when she went to the doctor it was 101.3* 😑

Yesterday around 5pm, I started feeling off.. so I ended up drinking half a bottle of children's elderberry syrup (throughout the rest of the night), mullein garlic oil in my ears, drinking a ton of water and hot tea, and eating 3 cloves of garlic. Now, I don't know if that was the right thing to do, but I panicked haha And I woke up not feeling any worse so I'm just going to go with it. Hopefully I can keep from getting sick! 

Pray4us over here.. I've resorted to letting Waves give her Barbie dolls haircuts just because it's keeping her busy for awhile. I'll be sure to share some more parenting tips in another post 😜 Take care and stay healthy out there!

What I Ate /// A Day in the Life

>>> I originally intended this to only be a "what I ate" post, but since the day took such an unusual turn I decided to turn it into a "day in the life" as well. I almost didn't post this because my eating got all weird in the middle of the day, but it's real life so whatev. Waves is feeling *much* better now, thankfully. 

8:30a » Waves and I woke up at 8am. I grabbed her a smoothie I'd made the night before out of the fridge and she watches some cartoons while she eats. They just added "Llama Llama" on Netflix and she's super into it right now. I take my thyroid meds, wait half an hour, and then have some coffee with collagen and almond milk.

I finished my coffee, cleaned up the living room, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, and helped Greg hang this new mail organizer/coat rack that I'd bought last week. Having backpacks, bags, scarves, and coats thrown on the floor or over chairs was driving me crazy.

I'd read a post over on Unf*ck Your Habitat about how most messes and clutter are just a result of not having enough or proper storage which is definitely true for us. So I have been buying pieces here and there to help with that.

10:45a » I realize that I'm pretty hungry and haven't had breakfast yet. I make an egg sandwich /// 2 pieces of Nature's Own protein bread, one egg, egg whites, avocado, and tomato + another cup of coffee with almond milk but no collagen.

12:40p » I have a big glass of water with these echinacea drops and one of these zinc tablets along with a mug of green ginger hot tea /// Waves was acting super sluggish which is very unusual for her.. so I checked her temperature - 100.5*. Her pediatrician's office was already closed for the day, so I checked into a nearby CVS clinic on my phone and waited for it to be our time to head over there.

1p » We're still waiting on our appointment and I make some Greek yogurt with blueberries. I've never used this service before, but they give you an exact time to show up so you can avoid having to wait in the store. **Note: when we got there we still had to wait about ~30 minutes. I figured they might get backed up, so I just checked in and we went back out into the car to wait. Just wanted to add that in case you end up using the online check-in in the future.

3:30p » Aaaand... we have a flu diagnosis. Finally home, gave Waves her medicine, and I sat down to eat a bowl of Special K protein cereal with almond milk real quick before fixing her something to eat and getting her comfy.

5p » Fiber One chocolate fudge brownie. These are really good, but so small.

It starts to go downhill right around here. Waves feels really bad and goes from being upset and crying about random things to being super clingy. Poor kiddo 😔 I feel so bad for her and do my best to comfort her.

5:40p » I make refried black beans, tomatoes, cheese, and Gardein beef crumbles with Cholula /// this is so not good haha I'd never had refried black beans before and am not a fan. It's a bummer too because regular refried beans with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and hot sauce are one of my top comfort foods and I was really wanting some comfort food right about now.

7:30p » All the medicine has kicked in, so Waves has an appetite and asks for chicken nuggets. I only have Morningstar ones on hand so I make those and go ahead and throw a few in the oven for myself as well. I eat those with bbq sauce.

8:30p » I place a Wal-Mart grocery pickup order (👈 referral link - we both get $10 off) for tomorrow to get some basics and things like juice, Italian ice, and Clorox wipes 😜

9p » We are all exhausted. Waves has already passed out on the couch and since I'm worried about her being on a new medicine and being so sick, I decide to camp out on the couch with her. I turn on an episode of Gilmore Girls, eat a serving of shelled pistachios, and play around on my phone a bit before passing out myself.

So, my macros are 2,000 calories /// 249g carbs /// 56g fat /// 125g protein and everything I had today added up to: 1,759 calories /// 190g carbs /// 58g fat /// 130g protein.

I really don't like relying so much on meat alternatives/soy products to reach my protein, but this day was hectic and I needed to reach my protein goal. The only thing I don't like about macro counting is that I feel like it's much easier to reach for packaged foods instead of fruits and veggies so I have to be really aware of that to make sure I'm eating a lot of those and meeting all my micronutrients as well. I didn't do well today, but am usually pretty good about it.

So, that was our day. I wish she wasn't sick at all, of course, but I'm glad this went down over the weekend so that I didn't have to find someone to cover me at work because that is super stressful for everyone. She's doing so much better and I've stocked up on probiotics, elderberry syrup, and vitamins for everyone 😜 I hope you all have a great weekend and stay healthy out there!

What I'm Loving /// #2

» I bought this mini humidifier/diffuser earlier this week since the air inside the house is so dry from having the heat on constantly. This little guy is great and I love how you can change the colors of it or have it go through a cycle of all colors. I've been putting it in Waves room at night and she loves watching the colors change. I love it so far, but will let you know how it holds up long term.

protein zucchini tots

» This recipe came with this collagen I ordered a couple weeks back and since I love the Green Giant veggie tots, I thought I'd give these a try. I really liked them although you definitely can't compare them to the Green Giant ones since they didn't crisp up or taste anything like a tater tot. But check out these macros for one serving: 301 calories / 19g carbs / 13g fat / 28g protein! Check out this post to help with figuring out how to create a recipe in My Fitness Pal that allows you to track the recipe in grams.

» You've got to watch how this writer made up a fake restaurant and got it to the #1 rated restaurant in London on Trip Advisor. He shows the entire process and it makes you realize that you shouldn't take reviews and review sites so seriously. Lots of fakes out there. The video is long, but worth it! I watched while unloading/loading the dishwasher 😜

» Have you heard of Disney World's Dapper Days? It's where people really go all out and dress up for a day at Disney. A lot of the outfits are extremely subtle plays on Disney characters and super cool. Here's a round-up of photos: PART 1 /// PART 2

» I wanted to share a couple of health and fitness related Instagram accounts I've been into lately: ambertcb (motivation/food ideas) /// biceps after babies (great info on macros)

Aaaaaand.. I'm out. Not playing around with these demons and ghosts 🙅

And because it cracks me up every time I watch...

Have an awesome weekend!

Weekend + Last Week's Workouts

On Saturday, I met up with a friend at the new Mean Mug location on the Northshore. I'd never been or had their coffee so I was really excited. I loved the coffee and their new space is gorgeous. So much natural light! It was super packed, but I managed to snag a table in the back when I got there. We hung out for a little over an hour and it was nice catching up. We were able to walk to the Whole Foods next door and do a mini grocery shopping trip afterwards.

aww, yissssss.
After we parted ways, I made a quick drive over the the Southside to pick up some food from Alex Thai. I got pad thai with tofu and pad thai with chicken for my husband. Last time we went there, I got a spice level 4.. but since I had to chug two bottles of water and eat pineapple to try to cool things off and still couldn't finish it because it was so spicy.. I have accepted that I just can't do it and now get a level 2 😜

Later that night, we noticed that the garage floor was wet and found out that the pipe to the washing machine had frozen and burst. We got a plumber to come out and they said they'd be able to fix it, but not until the next afternoon. And they had to shut the water off.. so we packed up and stayed the night at the new Westin hotel downtown.

The hotel and rooms were amazing and everyone that worked there were so nice. They have a late checkout on Sundays - 1pm - so it was perfect since the pipe and water leak couldn't be fixed until around that time anyway. The hotel had a nice Peet's coffee bar downstairs so we didn't have to leave all morning. We sat in the room watching tv, drinking coffee, and playing with the backpack full of necessities aka toys that Waves had packed :]

» workouts

Monday 1/15 » Yoga with Adriene Total Body Deep Stretch /// I just love this video. I've loved all of the Yoga with Adriene videos that I've done but this is definitely a favorite. Burned 216 calories.

Tuesday 1/16 » Cardio Kickboxing, Triceps, and Abs /// Another great workout this week! I really enjoyed the choreography and flow of this workout, so much so that I did it again on Thursday. I made it for about ~40 minutes and had to stop because I was done. Burned 363 calories.

Wednesday 1/17 » rest day

Thursday 1/18 » Cardio Kickboxing, Triceps, and Abs /// Such an awesome workout. This is the same one I did on Tuesday. Burned 293 calories.

Friday 1/19 » rest day

Saturday 1/20 » I didn't plan on this being a rest day, but about an hour before I was going to workout is when we found the flooding in the garage 😑

Sunday 1/21 » rest day /// we got home late and plumbers were in and out throughout the day and I was feeling lazy sooo.. impromptu rest day.

I didn't meet my goal of working out 5x this week. I'm still happy with the workouts that I did do, plus we had some warmer weather over the weekend so I was able to take Waves to the park and chase her around and be active for the most part.

I'm going to get back on track this week and hoping to make it to the gym at least once. Hope you all have a great week!

What I'm Loving /// #1

1 // I had been using Shea Moisture rose oil sensitive skin cream every night for the past year or so, but I recently made the switch to this jojoba oil and I'm loving it! I use the Whole Foods brand Cetaphil knock-off to wash my face - and I use this little silicone scrubber with it two or three nights a week - and then I massage the jojoba oil into my face and neck. I'll also add a couple of drops into my daily SPF moisturizer in the mornings and have even used some on the ends of my hair. Love this stuff!

2 // I forget where I came across this.. but oh, man is it a game changer. I used to be surprised when I cut open a spaghetti squash and managed not to cut any fingers off. Now, this is how I do it...

3 // this rotating makeup organizer is the best! I can store all my makeup, hair stuff, glasses/contacts, face creams, lotions, etc. and it saves so much space. I love that you can adjust the shelves any way you want to make sure your products fit 👍

4 // I love everything about this photo from the Jumbled Instagram account. Love the colors, textures, artwork, and patterns. It looks so cozy!

5 // I'm still loving Vegan Richa for awesome Instant Pot recipes. I recently came across Cooking with Pree and I want to try so many of the recipes there. This vegan vegetable korma for the Instant Pot caught my eye immediately. Definitely putting it on my must-try list.

6 // If you enjoy kickboxing style workouts, then give this one a go! I did this on Tuesday and loved it so much that I did it again last night.

7 // The Mexican red lentil stew from Budget Bytes was really good. I could've sworn that I had red lentils, but didn't.. so I ended up using yellow split peas. I made this in the Instant Pot (I have this one) and here's what I did: sautéed the garlic and onions, then added all the other ingredients, set to manual 12 minutes high pressure with a 4 to 5 minute quick release. That was with yellow split peas, so cooking time may be different for red lentils.

Old 5 & Dime Sign Co.

8 // I can't get enough of the Old 5 and Dime Sign Co. Instagram page. All that gorgeous hand lettering.. I could watch those videos all day.

Have a great weekend!

Last Week's Workouts + Macros + Meal Planning

dark chocolate covered banana bites

I've been out of the blogging loop for so long that I rarely take photos throughout the day anymore. Not necessarily a bad thing, but there were a few things I meant to share but forgot to take a picture. I did manage to take one of these awesome little dark chocolate covered banana slices though. I found them at Wal-Mart and the macros are really great: 100 calories / 3g fat / 13g carbs / 1g protein / 4g fiber / 7g sugar.

My workouts last week were great for the most part. I stuck to my goal of working out 5x / week for two weeks in a row now. I'm really proud of that! I also said I wasn't going to start tracking macros for another couple of weeks, but decided to start yesterday. I used this macro calculator and got the following: 1936 calories / 239g carbs / 124g protein / 54g fat. The first week or so is always easy for me, but then it gets tougher so let's hope I can make it through!

Here are my workouts from last week:

Monday 1/8 » POPSugar Tabata Style HIIT Workout /// I did not like this workout at all. Just wasn't feeling it. Also, the woman on the right kept interrupting or talking over the instructor which was annoying. Burned 188 calories.

Tuesday 1/9 » Leslie Sansone Burn Body Fat 2 Mile Walk /// This was one of those days that I just did not want to workout, so I turned on this video, promised myself to give it 5-10 minutes, and I ended up doing the entire thing. 👍 Burned 173 calories.

Wednesday 1/10 » rest day

Thursday 1/11 » Cardio Kickboxing/Bootcamp /// This one got me. I had to stop 45 minutes in because I was barely moving and had nothing left to give haha I really enjoyed this workout though. It was something different and felt really challenging. Burned 350 calories (in 45 minutes).

Friday 1/12 » Yoga with Adriene - Total Body Yoga Deep Stretch /// I loved this! It felt so good to get stretching in and I liked that it was slow.. she didn't blow through the moves. Burned 215 calories.

Saturday 1/13 » Kickboxing/Cardio Blast /// This was another tough workout. I stopped after ~40 minutes but hopefully as I get in better shape, I'll be able to do the entire thing. Burned 338 calories (in ~40 minutes).

Sunday 1/14 » rest day

» meal planning

Sometimes dinner can be tough when you're tracking macros, but when I focus on "build your own" meals it makes things so much easier. Here's what I'm thinking of for this week:

Monday » Build your own burgers. Aldi has some amazing soy protein burgers out right now, so I'll make those and have different cheese available, plus lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, mustard, bbq sauce, ketchup, etc. Waves is more likely to eat dinner when she makes it the way she likes, so that's a plus.

Tuesday » Mexican red lentil stew. I've never made this so I'll report back and let you all know how it was.

Wednesday » going out for my birthday 💃

Thursday » Build your own tacos. Hard taco shells, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, refried beans, hot sauce, sour cream, etc.

Friday » Pizza night. I bought some various toppings and pizza crusts that came with a couple of packets of sauce. Waves like plain cheese and I like no sauce, black beans, peas, and corn. Sounds crazy but is good!

Saturday » VeganRicha's Easy Chana Dal. I make this in the Instantpot and it is incredible! I always double the recipe (Instantpot cooking time stays the same) and serve along with brown rice.

Sunday » leftovers

I'll also be making this spaghetti squash pizza pie from PaleOMG tonight and using it for work lunches throughout the week. I sub Tofurkey Italian sausage and since I forgot to buy a jar of pizza sauce, I'm going to try it with pasta sauce this time. 

Have a great week!

Last Week's Workouts + Foam Rolling

i 💜 jammin' on my planner /// planner is this one from target and it's great!

I love the new year. I love setting goals for myself and hearing everyone else's resolutions. This year I set very loose goals to make it easier for me to achieve. Usually, I'd jump right into strictly tracking food, working out hard, setting specific bed/wake up times - and I'd do all of this all at once.

This year, I decided that I was going to slowly start working out. And that's all at first. I made a goal to workout 5x a week and I stuck to it! After a couple more weeks of just working out, I will add in tracking macros again. I'm really happy and feel great about my workouts last week. I added how many calories my apple watch said I burned just to use as a guide in case you're curious. Here's the workouts that I did:

Monday 1/1 » Leslie Sansone Burn Body Fat 3 Mile Walk /// I love this workout! The addition of hand weights makes it so easy to challenge yourself and the workout goes by so quickly. This one burned 372 calories.

Tuesday 1/2 » Leslie Sansone Burn Body Fat 2 Mile Walk /// Another great one, but a lot shorter than the 3 mile walk. Burned 236 calories.

Wednesday 1/3 » POPSugar Killer Workout - burns 500 calories /// I really enjoyed this workout. It had a huge kickboxing element to it which I love and I felt really strong afterwards. This one burned 350 calories.

Thursday 1/4 » Leslie Sansone Burn Body Fat 3 Mile Walk /// Did the 3 mile walk again. If I ever feel like I just don't want to workout, I'll put this or the 2 mile walk on and promise myself just to get through 5 minutes. I (almost) always end up doing the entire thing. Burned 283 calories this time. I'm assuming it was so much less of a calorie burn because I ditched the weights this time.

Friday 1/5 » rest day

Saturday 1/6 » Leslie Sansone 3 Mile Walk w/Resistance Bands /// I actually really didn't enjoy this one at all. I made the most of it, but it just didn't feel challenging at all to me. I'm going to stick to the ones where she uses hand weights.

Sunday 1/7 » rest day

the trigger point therapy workbook

the trigger point therapy workbook

I've also been on top of foam rolling. Every single time I start working out seriously, after a week or two I will get horrible pain in my left shin. Every time. My sister-in-law recommended The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook to me and I bought a copy immediately. When I got the book, I looked up where my leg would hurt after workouts and it gave me points that I should focus on when I'm foam rolling or using a tennis ball to keep that area pain-free and so far, so good!

Hope you all are having a great new year so far :]

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