listening to // Sturgill Simpson - Remember to Breathe // Julieta Venegas - Eres para Mi // Panama Jane - OOF // Molchat Doma - Volny // CocoRosie - Restless // Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody // Atmosphere - Lovely // Froth - Department Head // Brandy - I Wanna Be Down // A.A. Bondy - Images of Love // Sturgill Simpson - Long White Line

eating // Mostly stress eating the fudge stripe knock offs from aldi in the mornings and frozen pizzas at night, but also getting some healthyish things in here and there. Like this easy chana dal recipe and this chipotle beans and rice recipe.

I also made this sweet and sour chickpeas and green beans recipe. The chickpeas were a little weird in a stir fry for me, but I think if I subbed those for tofu and added a bit of pineapple juice to the sauce, it'd be perfect! I really want to try some of her other recipes too.

thinking about // So, we got a puppy at the end of January. Ginger is a super cute yorkie/chihuahua mix and really is a good dog. I've never had a puppy before, and I stupidly thought it would be no big deal. ya'll.. I'm going to be honest and it will sound horrible, but I do not enjoy it AT ALL.

I've been working really hard with training using videos from Kikopup (her method takes time but works) and Kaelin Munkelwitz (I've only used her attention barking video so far, but it worked and Ginger took to it very quickly). I'm just drained. I will say that I crate trained her using the Kikopup videos and I can now have her out playing for an hour and half or so and then can put her in her crate for a long nap with no issues and just alternate that schedule all day.

But I'm constantly having to watch over her because she gets into and tries to eat everything. Plus, our other dog can't stand her - we have a 13 year old american eskimo - so I have to keep her leashed to me whenever she is awake. It's just bringing a bunch of stress and little joy to my day. And I know that I sound like a brat saying that. It's especially tough and draining during this super stressful time of isolation/homeschool/job limbo.

I keep reading about people getting the "puppy blues" and that you'll regret getting a puppy for awhile, but it gets so much better. I'm hoping it does πŸ™

wishing // Everyone was able to use this time to decompress and not have to worry about anything, but I know that's not the case at all. I wish we took better care of our people in this country.

by @emilycoxhead

watching // I downloaded the PlutoTV app on my phone and have been using it to watch aaaaall the trash tv. Mostly Kitchen Nightmares. They have an entire Kitchen Nightmares channel so it was like a dream come true to me πŸ˜† It's a free app and you don't even have to register to use it. They offer a ton of shows, so check it out!

loving // AOC ♡ She has been doing a lot of Instagram live videos lately. She has been explaining the process and what certain bills means in a really easy to understand way. I think we are very lucky to have someone like her fighting for us. Always and especially right now. 

I'm also loving this art by ArtByAngieCo. I just love this style and the colors she uses - so cozy! Here's her instagram so you can check her work out.

Alright, onto some random fun things I wanted to share:

» photopea // web based site similar to photoshop. it works really well!

» my 90's tv // so someone took a bunch of 90s videos off youtube - including commercials! - and made this amazing site that plays tv just like it was in the 90s. haha I love it! There's also a my 80's tv!

» radio garden // radio stations from all over the world in real time.

» taste dive // you can put in any thing you like, such as a tv show, movie, book, music, and it will give you recommendations on other things you might like.

» boil the frog // enter two artists and it will create a seamless playlist between the two.

» ymca360 // a bunch of free ymca workouts if you're wanting something new.

» bardot brush procreate videos // she has been doing some live draw with me videos that are really fun! If you have the procreate app (so worth it, btw), follow along sometime. I've learned a ton of tips and tricks from her!

» artofteaching // one of my favorite instagram accounts. She's a high school art teacher and she's sharing a lot about distance learning right now. My daughter and I did her homemade zine project together and really loved it.

take care everyone 

Meals Lately » Grocery List » Free Pantry/Fridge/Freezer Printable

Hey everyone, hope you're doing well during this surreal time we are living in. I've been alternating between panic cleaning and panic cooking - and eating - then I remembered this blog πŸ˜… it's a good distraction at the moment and I've really enjoyed reading and writing blogs again and the few minutes of peace it offers.

When all of this started, my mind instantly went to food. As it does in most situations. I think if you've gone through food insecurity at any point in your life, then that's probably the case. I made lists of shelf stable meal ideas, meals I could make and freeze, etc.

Here's what I've been making lately:

- instant pot vegetable stew (pictured above) // I've made this four times in the past couple of weeks. It's so good & comforting! I will say that I haven't actually made it in the instant pot. I've just used the stovetop. I follow the same instructions and then simmer until potatoes are done.

- instant pot chipotle black beans // this is THE dried beans recipe to make. My goodness, it's incredible! I'm going to try this beans + rice recipe of hers next.

- general tso's broccoli mushroom stir fry // this recipe is for you all that have tahini on hand and aren't in the mood for hummus, but need to use it up. I was super skeptical about tahini in a stir fry sauce, but it's legit. I'd use a tiny bit less than the recipe calls for next time I make it though. I also subbed tofu for the chickpeas. But honestly, this sauce with a bag of frozen stir fry veggies would be great. 

Here's what my grocery list looked like last time I went shopping and was focusing on foods with a long shelf life:

- tuna packs
- eggs // hardboiled, add to ramen, in tortillas
- tofu // stir fry, baked for salads, tofu scramble
- almond milk
- blocks of cheese // shredded to top salads, make quesadillas, on baked potatoes/chili/tortilla soup
- tortillas // I got these navy bean ones from Wal-Mart that are really good with a long shelf life
- ramen noodles
- russet & sweet potatoes // baked with chili on top, enchilada sweet potatoes, make fries, potato nachos. sweet potatoes last forever in the fridge.
- tortilla chips // for chili and nachos
- dried beans // nachos, the black bean recipe linked above, burritos, on top of salads
- rice // add to canned soups, beans + rice, burritos, add to chili
- spaghetti & marinara
- hard taco shells + refried beans
- onions // chop these and freeze
- apples + oranges // last a long time in the fridge
- bananas // freeze for smoothies and oatmeal
- oatmeal
- jars of garlic // super cheap at aldi, like $1.29 I believe
- ginger // lasts forever in the freezer and thaws quickly
- tomato paste
- pizza sauce + mini pizza crusts // freeze the crusts! these are nice for kids to make their own pizzas.
- frozen pizzas
- frozen veggies // peas, corn, stir fry mix
- cheesecake // froze a couple because I know I'm going to need them. need.
- popcorn kernels // cheap and a great snack. I had a giant bowl of popcorn for dinner last night πŸ˜‚
- better than bouillon broth // I find that boxed broths taste tinny and thin. I love this stuff because a tiny bit can transform a recipe - it's great! Cheapest at Wal-Mart.
- coffee and tea // earl grey for when I need caffeine but don't want coffee and dandelion chai because it has probiotics and is super good!
- mac n' cheese // for my seven year old

I hope that this is helpful and gives you some ideas if you need any. Our list might look a little different than yours as we only have a toaster oven, stovetop, and instant pot. So I'm not able to bake large meals or anything. Our toaster oven will fit a frozen pizza exactly and that was all that mattered when I bought it πŸ˜‚

I made this pantry/freezer/fridge inventory printable and wanted to share. >> download it here << I've been using to to see what I have on hand, how much there is, and what meals I can make with it. It's helped with the anxiety around food a bit, and I hope you find it useful as well. You can print it or use it in apps such as Goodnotes if you are into digital planning.

Take care everyone ♡

My New Hobby + This Week's Meal Plan

impala holographic quad rollerskates

I got the best package in the mail a couple of weeks ago! I started to get really into rollerskating about a month ago as a way to stay in shape. The first time I went out on the rink, I had to hold onto the walls for a good twenty minutes or so before I felt I could even begin to balance on my own. 

After practicing 2-3x a week and watching a ton of Dirty School of Skate videos, I can now skate right out onto the rink and I can stop mid skate, then get going again! I gave it awhile to see if this was something I'd continue to be interested in and make sure that I didn't totally hurt myself every time I went out there πŸ˜† and when I realized I absolutely loved it, I bought these beauties..

impala holographic quad rollerskates

I love them! They're by Impala Rollerskates and they have been perfect for me. The hardest part was choosing what color to get. I ended up going with this holographic pair which is pretty out there for me, but I wanted something fun!

Rollerskating has been amazing. Times goes by so fast, I burn ~400 calories in 45 minutes according to my Apple Watch, the music is great.. and it's almost like meditating because I can't look on my phone and my only thoughts are keeping my balance and making sure I don't run into anyone. And when you really get going, it feels like you're flying :] Absolutely love it.

I'll stop with the rollerskating talk and move onto foooood. I haven't really had a set meal plan the last few weeks. We have just been making sandwiches, grilled cheese, salads.. just easy, quick stuff that everyone can have exactly how they want.

Now that we are back into the school routine, I want to start adding in some set meals. We currently don't have a microwave or an oven (the stovetop works though), so I have to rely on my Instant Pot quite a bit. I do miss making a quick frozen pizza, enchiladas, and things like that.. but it's been fine.

Here's what I'm planning on this week:

Monday: veggie spring roll fried rice // never made this before, but Vegan Richa's recipes never disappoint.

Tuesday: simple red lentil soup with spinach, lemon, and pepper // I've made this before and it's amazing. I was skeptical because of the tiny ingredient list.. but it's for real!

Wednesday: curried lentil, tomato, and coconut soup // I've made this before as well and it's another one of those with a small ingredient list that turns out incredible.

Thursday: easy chana dal // I've made this one before too! My rule is to only add one new recipe per week - spring roll rice this week - and make sure all the other recipes are tried and true. I make this dal recipe in the Instant Pot and always double it!

Friday: chili with toppings (corn chips, shredded lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, jalapeΓ±os, sour cream/greek yogurt, etc). I use v8, rotel, canned tomatoes, canned beans, chili powder, cumin, paprika. Just add everything to a pot and heat up. I always make a huge batch. We will have leftovers all weekend which is nice.

side note: my daughter will try everything but I guarantee she won't eat any of this (except maybe the rice). I usually make a big batch of Mexican quinoa and rice for her to eat throughout the week or I'll make a quick grilled cheese, mac n' cheese, ravioli, etc. I have no problem making her something separate. I just appreciate that she gives some of the new things I make a try! 

So that's what's happening this week. I'm also deep into this home renovation and have a ton of before photos.. I just need to get things cleaned up and boxes moved before I can take the after photos. Our upstairs has been torn apart in preparation for some subfloor repair and new carpet so everything we own is all downstairs and it's super crowded at the moment. We're getting there though! πŸ˜… I hope you all have an awesome week!


I found this beauty at Home Depot and absolutely love it!

LISTENING TO // I have had the following on repeat: Rhye - Wicked Dreams // Drama - Hopes Up // Parquet Courts - Back to Earth // Julieta Venegas - Tu Calor // Tory Lanez and Rich the Kid - Talk to Me

I mean. I love bright colors and this kitchen is the least of my concerns about this house if you can imagine that. But just why? I am dreading painting all this 😭

WISHING // This house was DONE. We moved into a house that needs a bunch of work and I'm just overwhelmed at the moment. Figuring out what we can do ourselves vs. what we need to hire out, researching companies, getting estimates, cleaning, the smells πŸ’€ it's a lot right now.

We pulled up all the (super gross) carpet from the entire upstairs and then found out the subfloor was wet from all the rain getting in through bad siding at the dormers - which means we need new siding to be put on before we can tackle the subfloor issue. So, before we can get carpet, we now need new siding and let me tell ya.. those quotes aren't pretty! 

I have a running list that I add things to daily and I then prioritize into either ASAP or can-wait-until-later. I just bought this book called How Your House Works (not an affiliate link). It gets here on Thursday and I need it because I don't know how any of this works πŸ˜…

big ol’ salad that actually wasn’t all that great but I liked the photo haha

EATING // Since I've cut out gluten, I have just naturally been reaching for more fruits and vegetables since I don't want to buy any of the gluten free breads and products at the moment. Baked sweet potatoes, pineapple, cantaloupe, red lentil chili with tortilla chips, homemade sushi (tofu, cucumber, rice, and sriracha), watermelon, scrambled/hardboiled eggs, etc.

I'm almost over lentils at this point because I've been eating so many of them. We went out to eat yesterday and I had the southwestern salad at Tomato Head with baked tofu and I can't quit thinking about it now! So good!

THINKING ABOUT // How I deleted Facebook over the weekend and it was an A+ decision. Also, updating my resume - Canva has a ton of fantastic templates, fyi! - and figuring out what I want to do with my life 😜

WATCHING // We just finished the Chernobyl HBO series and watched a couple of documentaries on Prime about the disaster afterwards. There's one documentary on there called Chernobyl's Cafe which is about the people that live there today and the cafe that was opened 10km from the site.

CRUSHING ON // I am in love with this textile art from jujujust! Absolutely gorgeous!

Hope you all had a great weekend :]

Knoxville Through Food

wild love knoxville - coffee and almond frangipane croissant
wild love knoxville // coffee and almond frangipane croissant
 We moved back to Knoxville around two weeks ago and I am loving being back! Chattanooga was nice for the 6ish years we were there, but I feel so at home now. And I'm getting back into living here the only way I know how - food 😜

I've been stopping by Wild Love for a coffee and almond frangipane croissant way too often. I had no idea what frangipane was before this. I now know that it's an almond paste base similar to pastry cream and that I felt like I was loving life a little more than usual after I tried it. If you go here, definitely get one! All their pastries are fantastic but that one is my favorite for sure.

bida saigon knoxville - veggie pho

I'd never had pho before and am forever changed after this experience. We stopped by Bida Saigon last week and it was incredible! I got the veggie and tofu pho in the vegetable broth which was amazing. You get a huge portion for like $9 that comes with a big plate of bean sprouts, culantro, basil, lime, and jalapeΓ±os.

wild love knoxville - coffee and almond frangipane croissant

Ah yeah. Again and again! πŸ‘

nama knoxville bearden - inari and spicy tofu handroll

Here's what I had when we stopped by Nama for lunch one day. I always go for the inari - it's my favorite! It's a thin layer of fried tofu wrapped around a slightly sweet sushi rice. I also got a spicy tofu handroll. I stopped by the grocery store and picked up the ingredients to make the handrolls at home too. It's so easy to make when you've prepared a big batch of rice beforehand and really filling!

asia kitchen knoxville - vegetable delight

The last food photo I have. This is the vegetable delight from Asia Kitchen. The reviews online are not so great, but a friend said it was the best place to go so we went and it was good! I was worried since the vegetable options all seemed to have pork as well, so I asked the waitress and she said the vegetable delight doesn't have any meat.

I didn't want to be a bother so I didn't even ask about fish sauce and such. The portions are insanely huge! It would be good to order a couple and share. They have some family style serving tables with the spinning plate - lazy susan? - in the middle which would be great with a large group.

So there's some of our food adventures as of late. Last week I was urged by my doctor to give a gluten free diet a chance since I'm having some autoimmune/hypothyroid issues. The first couple of days were super easy but man, the past few days have been tough! I'll make some posts about it and share meals and such. I have seen some positive changes and will keep it up for a couple of months to see how it goes.

A Couple of Vegan Recipes + Holiday Cards

pure mamas no cook marinara sauce recipe - vegan

Last night I made this no cook marinara and it was amazing! I didn't have any miso on hand so I used veg broth and it was still great. I bet it's even better with miso so I'm going to pick some up before I make another batch.

Waves didn't want to eat it because it was orange πŸ˜’ so I used a jarred marinara from the Whole Foods 365 brand that she really loves instead. I just wanted to add that so you know it was not kid approved over here on the first go, but I think with time she would like it.

spaghetti with homemade marinara

I bought this basil plant at Whole Foods for $2 the other day and it has been wonderful to have! It's from Living Fresh Farm out of Athens, Georgia. They are a hydroponic greenhouse that specializes in basil and lettuce. All you do is put the plant in a shallow bowl and make sure to keep water in it. So easy and so, so nice to have on my kitchen counter - it smells amazing! And as you can see, I've been loading up on it whenever I make spaghetti 😜

I finally made the lentil, carrot, and kale sautΓ© with crispy potatoes from last week's meal plan - we ended up going out the night I was supposed to make it - and it just wasn't that good. It was pretty bland and I'm not the type of person that knows what to add to up the flavor - I have to be told exactly what to do, although I'm trying to learn! I sautΓ©ed up some mushrooms in veggie broth and added some roasted chickpeas which made it a bit better.

I just realized I never posted the meal plan for this week! Tonight I'm making this curried lentil, tomato, and coconut soup. I'm going to stop by the store this afternoon to get a baguette to go with it and it's going to be goooood!

holiday cards for cards for hospitalized kids

Last night, Waves and I made Christmas cards for Cards for Hospitalized Kids. She did such a great job and worked so hard for a solid hour making cards. We ended up making ten cards altogether and it was so nice to just draw and talk :]

We just bought a leaf blower, so I'm off to tackle the leaves in the 30* weather 😬 Hope you all have great day!

Free Digital Planner Inserts + Stickers | Digital Planning Freebies!

free digital planner spending tracker
I have been having a blast designing again - it's what I went for school for - and I feel so thankful that I'm able to merge two of the things that I love the most: designing + planners. Digital planning has been a game changer for me because it is so versatile. You're able to build a planner to fit your exact needs.

I always had a hard time choosing paper planners because I would love the design, but then they would have features I didn't need or want. With digital, I'm able to choose a minimalist planner page and then add habit tracking stickers or a to-do list or an area for goals. It's great!

Also, and this is going to sound mega crazy but whatever 😜, if I made a mistake in my paper planner and had to cover it with a sticker or mark it out.. sometimes I would just abandon the planner altogether because of the scribbles or that the stickers didn't look right over the mess ups. Now, with digital.. I just erase or select the lasso tool to resize my writing if it's too small or move it over a bit so it's completely centered. Seriously, such a huge plus.

I've been using the Goodnotes app on my iPad and importing letter size JPGS into my notebook and then I'm able to add stickers or write on top of the images. Here's a video of how I have my current notebook in Goodnotes set up: weekly planner (has habit trackers, to-do list, and goals for the week) /// spending tracker /// grocery list + meal plan /// project planner

So you can see how you can have a planner with exactly what you need. For example, I don't like monthly layouts so it's great being able to have only weekly.

I went way more into this than I intended, but I just love talking about it :] Anyway, I've been making a ton of digital planning tools for my Etsy shop but I wanted to share some of the things I've been creating here as freebies so that if you're interested in digital planning, you'll have some pages and stickers to get you started so you can play around with it and see if it's for you! All these pages + stickers are for personal use only, please!
Portrait Orientation Botanical Spending Tracker | I used these beautiful watercolors from Katerina Osa because if you're having to deal with expenses and bills.. you have to have sometime pretty to look at! :] I left some room on the left margin incase you'd like to print this out and how punch to put into a binder.

free digital planning tools | free digital planner + stickers

Hand Drawn Purple/Grey Hearts | I drew these cute little hearts and added a few sayings. I left one blank so you can write whatever you'd like on it.

Painted Pastel Frames + Flags | These are great for highlighting important tasks in your planner!

free digital planning tools | free digital planner + stickers

Landscape Orientation Weekly To-Do List | You can also print this JPG out if you'd like to have a paper copy to use.

free digital planning tools | free digital planner + stickers

Christmas / Holiday Stickers | These have some foul language πŸ˜… Let's just say if you are also a big fan of watching Die Hard during the holidays, you will enjoy these stickers πŸ˜‚

free digital planning tools | free digital planner + stickers

Watercolor Moon Days of the Week Stickers | Love these dark + moody days of the week stickers!

I hope that you enjoy these! There are a ton of great digital planning videos on YouTube and so many great designs over on Etsy, including my planner shop if you are interested :]


LISTENING TO // We finally moved our treadmill from storage to our garage, so I've been doing a lot of running. I'm actually following the MCFIT 7 day training program - which is free! - and I'm loving it. It has a running component and then a strength training part right after.

So, since I've been running a lot more, that means I'm listening to a lot more music. My running playlist on Spotify is all over the place, but here ya go!

WISHING // I could figure out what's going on with my thyroid meds. It's been a pain trying to get my levels stable without any funky side effects. I've read positive things about diet changes helping so I'm doing a little more research on it.

spiced sweet potatoes + black beans with crunchy, spicy lime slaw

EATING // This week's meal plan has been fantastic. The recipes are much simpler than I thought, the grocery bill was lower than usual, and we all feel good. Waves has tried everything, but hasn't wanted to eat any more than a bite or two. I usually make her a snack plate - cucumber, bell peppers, tofu, blackberries, and a few alligator gummies from the Whole Foods bulk bins.

My favorite meal was the beet + quinoa buddha bowl. It just came together so nicely! Also, having things prepped have been a lifesaver for lunches because everything comes together so quickly. I'm loving it so much that I already started work on next week's meal plan :]

THINKING ABOUT // I just opened up my Etsy shop selling digital and printable planning supplies and it is all I'm thinking about. I have a bad habit of starting a project, putting my all in/thinking about it obsessively, burning out, abandoning it, and then feeling lame about it all. Like, uh.. this blog πŸ˜‘ I have realized I have this issue and am really working hard on addressing it and not repeating it every time I start something.

To help combat this, I'm fighting through the "imposter syndrome" feeling, and trying to push through. I know this sounds dramatic in regards to blogs and etsy stores.. but this has been a reoccurring theme in my life with things more serious than this so it needs to stop.

CRUSHING ON // Essie's "lighten the mood" polish. It's such a beautiful neutral cream/super light pink!

WATCHING // I just finished Schitt's Creek. Love David and especially love his and Moira's outfits. And of course I started up Parks & Rec again, mostly for background noise.. but only through season 3! Ain't got time for the mess once Leslie starts campaigning.

Hope you all have a great Friday :]

This Week's Meal Plan

digital planner meal plan + grocery list
Meal plan sheet available in my Etsy - comes with JPG for your iPad + a printable

I decided with this meal plan that I was going to change things. I'd been relying on quick meals for dinner - hot dogs, frozen pizzas, etc. - every single night. I meal planned last week, but veered from it in the middle of the week so the red lentil chili and tempeh bit's didn't happen, but pizzas and other stuff did.

And when it comes to my daughter, I was giving in to snacks and treats such as Pringles, vanilla wafers, and leftover Halloween candy way too often. I just had to remind myself that it's on me to provide healthier options for my family and I really, really enjoy cooking so here I am.. ready to do better.

We've already switched out those other snacks with apples, bell peppers, cantaloupe, sliced cucumbers, and grape tomatoes. There have been a few tears over not having as much sugary stuff or a piece of Halloween candy after dinner, but it's already better after one day.

Here's the plan for this week:

Thursday » leftover chili

Friday » mama eats plants spiced sweet potato and black bean bowl with spicy lime slaw

Saturday » Budget Byte's Italian wonderpot - we call it magic noodles 😜

Sunday » tofu lasagna from How It All Vegan! - my first cookbook :]

mama eats plants beet + quinoa buddha bowl

Last night I made the beet + quinoa buddha bowl and was a little intimidated by it all, but it actually came together very easily and quickly. And oooomg was it delicious! I was very happy with this meal. Waves ate a couple of mushrooms and then asked if she could please have macaroni and cheese. I'm never going to force her to eat anything and was happy she tried it on her own, so I made her mac n' cheese. After that she had a snack plate with cucumbers, red bell pepper, and cantaloupe.

mama eats plants flourless chocolate cookies

After dinner I made these amazing flourless chocolate cookies. I also had one with breakfast this morning :] I just realized that I prepped the slaw for the sweet potato bowls yesterday because I thought that's what I had planned for tonight but it's actually the lentil dish soo.. I will probably switch those around.

I still haven't decided what we will have on Sunday. I left it open in case we decided to go out since we're going to get a Christmas tree that day. So that's what our week looks like. Hope you all are having a great week :]

What I'm Cooking This Week

grocery list + meal plan template for digital planners - good notes
weekly meal plan + grocery list | template in my etsy shop
I usually shop on Sunday or Monday mornings, but I'm slacking this week and will go to the store sometime tomorrow. Because of that.. we are running super low on food so it was baked potatoes tonight. I made some potatoes in the Instant Pot using these instructions and put out some Greek yogurt, cheese, jalapeΓ±os, veggie chili, butter, etc. Love dinners like that because they are so easy and everyone gets to make their meal exactly how they like.

Here's what the rest of the week is looking like:

Tuesday » Italian Wonderpot from Budget Bytes - Waves called these magic noodles when she was really little so that's what we call it now and why it says that on the picture up there πŸ˜‚

Wednesday » make your own pizza - just like the potatoes today.. I put a bunch of ingredients out and everyone makes theirs exactly how they want.

Thursday » red lentil chili in the Instant Pot from Vegan Richa. This is a really great recipe! I've made it quite a few times and love it. Waves won't eat it so I will probably just make her mac n' cheese.

Friday » leftovers

Saturday » frozen pizzas.. keeping it easy!

Sunday » tempeh blt's - tempeh, tomato, avocado on toasted bread. So good!

I'm going to finish up my grocery list and head to bed. I finished Schitt's Creek about an hour ago so I don't even know what to do with my night now 😜 hope you all have a great week!

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